monkiboy's 265g build thread


Reefing newb
a lot of folks have asked about my setups. rather than try to piece together something from those that i've already got going, i'm putting together a build thread from the beginning of my newest project - my 265g build!

i'll be sure to post up photos and updates as things move along.

fish list:

- cirrhilabrus scottorum / scott's fairy wrasse pair
- halichoeres ornatissimus
- macropharyngodon bipartitus / blue spot leopard trio (one male, two females)

at the moment, the tank will be located in my basement next to my existing small fish/maintenance room that is really my heating room.

i will be taking down the wall from the existing fish room to allow for access behind what will be the in-wall 265 setup.

things are just beginning with sizing, getting material, framing, and overall design.

this is where the 265 will go:


i've already run electrical with 3 20A circuits to the panel. i also trenched a drain to the area which is the standpipe you see in the photo.

this give you a better idea of the wall we are knocking down to provide access behind the 265:


all the existing filtration will be moved behind the 265. i have not figured out what i want to do for my water reservoirs. i currently have ~35g brute trash cans and i want to make room, somewhere, for at least a 60g RODI for top off, and mixing, and a larger salt water bin. i can likely leave the reservoirs in the heating room once i figure out what shape and size will work.

i am contemplating moving to a tank-less water heater to free up a good bit of real estate in the existing fish room for a larger water reservoir. anybody have one of these care to comment on efficiency, ease of install, etc?

started removing baseboard, and to framing the new wall:


working on the design of the stand and was anticipating going with a steel built stand to offer maximum space available under the stand without the need for too many vertical supports but didn't like the idea after getting fair estimates knowing that i should be able to come up with a proper solution on my own. decided to go wood and would use some properly sized microlams/LVLs to structurally build a stand like the titanic that would span the 7 feet without vertical supports in the front to allow for maximum ease of use while conducting maintenance or looking to place things. but more on the stand later.

picked up my 265 today which was exciting.


thankfully the guys already had it loaded on a truck and all i had to do was slide it into the bed of my taco when i got there - easy peezy.


getting it down from the truck and into my basement will be a completely different story!

i started thinking about how i was going to get this monster into my basement. good time to consider things like that right after you come with it ;)

i figure the easiest will be to enter from the main floor, and get it down my stairs. thankfully my stairwell has a large opening on one side as you make your way to the bottom which will allow for the tank to rotate and enter the basement ... easily?

in doing some prep work for tomorrow's move, i started taking down my railing.



like this, i should be able to enter with the tank, place it on the floor, have two or three guys on the stairs supporting the tank, have a drop cloth down with a sheet of plywood and another drop cloth and be able to slowly slide the whole thing downwards until we get to the opening and carry it the 20 or so feet to it's resting spot until the stand is done.

this is what i mean but how it's open on one side of the staircase that will hopefully allow for room for the tank to pivot and rotate nicely without too much back breaking vs having to try and stand it on it's end at the bottom.


well, that's all for now. i'll be sure to update with photos and videos as progress is made.

thanks for following along!
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Those are pretty hardwood stairs to have a 350lb tank slide on, I think you would be better of with a heavy duty hand-truck and maybe attach a sturdy plywood with ratchet straps wrapped around the tank for protection between the glass and the metal hand-trucks. Just a thought. I'm looking forward to this build and will be following; cant wait to see whats in store!
Those are pretty hardwood stairs to have a 350lb tank slide on, I think you would be better of with a heavy duty hand-truck and maybe attach a sturdy plywood with ratchet straps wrapped around the tank for protection between the glass and the metal hand-trucks. Just a thought. I'm looking forward to this build and will be following; cant wait to see whats in store!
350? more like 525lbs, haha.

that really isn't a bad idea but i don't think the tank would make the turn when we got to the bottom or get off the last step.

i really think with a proper drop cloth and plywood, it'd be safe to not scuff up the stairs. not really a big deal, i've taken them down and redone them a couple times ;) i had to when i ran the lines from that fish room in the basement to my 46 bow in wall up stairs. i'm pretty good with stuff like that.

i'm going to mock up a tank out of pvc and fabric and see what would work best. thanks again for the idea!
Maybe mine is 350? Just know its heavy! God bless whoever is on the opposite side of the tank going down those stairs rofl. You may also want to look into an appliance or moving cardboard box. Break it down flat and use that to let the tank slide. Thats how we moved our solid oak armoire into and out of our apartment (3 flights of miserable stairs).

I'm with you on the stand, looked into a steel frame for my 180 upgrade and it wasn't budget friendly. I think the thought went through my head, 3 mp 40's or 2 mp 40's? Chose the wood to free up room for the 3 mp40's :)
Looking forward to this!

Especially since I have a 350 ga to set up when I get my living room remodeled.
i'm going to have to have some studs for the drywall on the outside facing so there will be vertical supports there anyway so no microlam/LVL on that side but will likely use the two 2x9 1/4" i have on the 7' span that will be completely devoid of interior vertical supports. way over built but i have two ten footers laying around so i might as well use them and feel 200% about a seven foot span from a 265 being very well supported without any vertical supports other than the legs.


PVC rollers:


used some webbing and made a simple harness around the tank and clipped in!



nice and easy and before you knew it, we have it downstairs!


railing back up and clean up a bit -


able to get it done pretty easily and without a smudge on a wall or on the stairs - score ;)
i decided that i did want it pretty quiet so i actually am using acoustic insulation and i'm going to be using 5/8" drywall instead of doubling up. then install a vapor barrier over and should be tomb-like silence.
i wanted to be sure to get a non reef-ready so that i wouldn't have to deal with removing overflows and could build it out the way i want. a friend of mine is building me a coast to coast and i'll the herbie or bean animal overflow design.

he is also converting a 150g acrylic tank i picked up for cheap into my sump. it will be 90g when we cut its 30" height down to 18". this is what it looked like before:



outside of that, i plan to run a 40B filled with LR and a 20L with macro as a fuge. i was going to put my new breeder setup in line with this but for ideal conditions that it requires that do not match that of my reef, they will be run independent on the other side of my basement.

the 46g bow front i have now upstairs that has it's fish/maintenance room next to this 265g's area will be run in line with the 265 as well and filtration will be handled by one system instead of two independent. that way i can utilize my existing automatic water change, top off, and top off for my fresh water setup on the entire shebang. still need to figure out water storage and space limitations, though.
My hat is off to you, Sir!

Few people I have known are capable of orchestrating such a flawless move of such a large and heavy object through a finished space. Major Kudos from someone who has been in construction a long time and seen some really bad moves. lol