mini maxi on the loose


So I finally picked up a mini maxi anemone yesterday. After acclimating I attached the plug he came on to a larger piece of rock and placed in the tank. I placed it in a high light medium flow spot and it seemed to be doing well last night. This morning it is on the loose and nowhere to be found. :frustrat: I was only able to look for a few minutes as I was on my way out the door for work.

Anything I can do if I find it later? Or do I have to let it choose its own spot? If I can't find it, will it eventually show up???

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I had 5 of them and a couple never moved and 1 was always on the move. Almost like they have their own little attitudes. When you find it, be sure to take pics. Really cool critters.
Good news, it's a Ginger! It came out from the underside of a rock last night. It showed up right before lights out.

It's still in the same spot as of this morning! Not my ideal placement, but I guess I don't have a choice, LOL. I will get some pics this weekend.

I gave it a small piece of food last night, I couldn't, was that cool. Amazing little creatures.