Marinne's Reef

Imo, I honestly think you may have crashed the tank. White stuff off new rocks would be an indication to me of the bacteria die off. I would honestly leave it empty for several months at this time. I would check all your levels and it sounds possibly a alk swing or that additive form reading the rest of your posts.
here it is...sorry it's small, I had this on my zoas and basted it off but it was really long

all the corals seem fine, fish seem fine, ph is stable at 7.90 and I am growing chaeto which is doing amazing

I also have a trillion pods everywhere


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It does look like some mucus coating from a coral. Is anything else in the tank being bothered? For instance, my nem split and it's clone mounted over a pagoda cup and they do touch. The pagoda cup does spit out the mucus as a defense and it floats around the tank at times.
all the corals are open and look happy, that said colony is open as we speak...the only thing I added was a Hawaiian feather duster that is somewhat close to it

the only thing I can see that would piss it off is the occasional snail/hermit wandering by it...the only coral close to the little colony is another zoa colony about 2 inches away

heck my hammer and Duncan are happy as can be and they are temperamental corals
never mind on the white stuff, I was just being overly concerned...its gone lol

anyhow, who thinks I should upgrade to the AI Hydra??? I have the Sol Blue right now
The sol is nice but not sure if I need more spectrum

My zoas are all reaching for light though, I am only running 40, 45, 44 percent for the 3 channels
here are some updated pics...some of the zoas are reaching or half and half open/closed, not sure why

In the second pic, you can see that small colony of zoas to the left, one polyp fully opens all day and the others are halfway or closed


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