Lowest cost and easiest way to eliminate green hair, bubble, turf and slime algae

Dunno about your glass question, but I have never heard of anyone having glass break because of "heat stress". How else can you explain that I live in Arizona where it gets to be 120 degrees in the summer and I've never had my glass in my car or home break because of the sun? :)

That is why my question generated. Certain types of glass, ie tempered glass can with stand heat, others can't. I have no idea what sump glass would of been made of.

But anyway, I am looking at replacing that light with one recommended, and perhaps try and fit the MH light into the tank some how (the exact light is a MH flood light).
Mine is showing good results already after 7 days.

The 150Watt MH light is soon to be replaced with GU10 LEDs. However the sump glass has proven stable from the heat generated from the MH light being 1inch away.

The new Hang-On-Glass UAS with bubble remover:

I just finished reading ALL 120+ pages in the other thread with the water fall method, and was just getting ready to set one of those up...and then right on the last page or two there was a link to this thread. I'm curious what kind of performance/results people are having with the upflow method over the old one; same, similar, better, worse?

I like the idea of less splash through this method, but was REALLY impressed with the results of the other one.
Thanks for the reply SM, I will be setting one of these up as soon as I get all the stuff together...growth pics of course. :D

GOOD JOB on championing this whole process, and thanks for all the hard work. :D
Everybody loves growth pictures:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Day 6:

Day 7:

Day 8:

Day 9:

7 Days of growth after first cleaning:

Video of first cleaning after 9 days of growth from a new screen:
[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0K4UCp9_aA]UAS HOG.5 -- Day nine cleaning - YouTube[/ame]

Video of 7 days of growth after the first cleaning:
[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o14culabk7k]UAS HOG.5 -- seven days - YouTube[/ame]

Time to eat more TV dinners and save those trays :)
Well, here goes! My dad is gonna love me this evening when I show up with another bag of supplies for another DIY project I need help with. Consider it quality father/daughter bonding time LOL.
I have been reading this post over and over again trying to figure this out and I think I got it. One thing I'm still a little confused on is the light. I'm framing it with the tray, right? What kind of fixture are you screwing the socket into on the outside? Also, an air pump to the air tube going in, right?
Sorry, if I sound like a ding dong, but I'll admit I'm not the brightest star in the sky when it comes to building things.
You don't have to use a tray on the outside, but it will keep the light from spreading. Just use a clip-on light socket, and prop it up.

Yes and air tube to the inside.
Here's mine. Let me know what you think. I hope I did it right. It was really simple so I can redo it if need be. One thing I noticed is I should of put the magnets on the outsides of trays so it would of been more snug against the glass. As for the bulb, I got 11W equivalant to 50w soft CFL. No 12W available, only 11 and 15. I figure if I'm not getting good results I can always upgrade to the 15.
Day 1 with nitrates 40. One thing I'm kind of worried on is my tank is really clean. I only have to scrape a few specks of algae off glass about once a week so is this thing really gonna grow algae on it? Algae isn't my problem, the nitrates are so I guess what I'm trying to do is create some algae growth to eat my nitrates.


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Some success stories of people using waterfall algae scrubbers on different sites:

Aydee on the scrubber site: "I'm going to call this a success. My nitrates had been sitting steady at about 10 or so for over a year. For it to drop to undetectable in 2 weeks.. THAT is impressive. I have got my skimmer running still, but once my ATS is running, I'll turn off the skimmer (not remove.. Yet....) If situation remains excellent as the trend currently is, I'll remove the skimmer. However, I came into ATS thinking "It can't hurt, as I'll keep my skimmer running" and now I'm thinking "WOAH! They're right!".
Obviously, the proof will be in 2 years time, ATS sans skimmer.. But.. So far, the numbers are fantastic."

Robert_Patterso on the RC site: "Best thing I have ever put on any of my tanks in over 25 years of being in the hobby"

Pskelton on the RC site: "I personally have not done a water change in 6 months ever since I implemented my scrubber. long story short my tank was a mess, kid dumped container of food in tank. I got a snow flake eel that dug up my sand bed and I was running a very under powered cheep skimmer. This lead to my nitrates peeking at 160. I did water changes for a while but the nitrate just keep coming back up to 160. The water changes were getting expensive and I was about to give up when I tried the scrubber. Within a few weeks nitrate dropped to 60 and slowly came down from there. As of my test last week I am finally at 0 nitrate and I haven't done a water change in six months. The protean skimmer has been removed and my tank is healthier than ever. I am just waiting for the algae on my rocks to finish dieing off."

Murph on the scrubber site: "my ATS is coming along fine. I think I spent about 30 bucks making it. When I compare that to the thousand or more I have spent on skimmers over the past ten years or so that made little to no difference when it came to nuisance algae in the display I want to pull my hair out. My ATS has out done them all in a matter of a few months."

Spotter on the RC site: "Nitrate Day 1: 5ppm, Week 1: 0ppm, Week 2: 0ppm. P04 Day 1: .035,
Week 1: .015, Week 2: .0092 I am liking this very much."

JohnnyB_in_SD on the RC site: "I feed about 6-7 cubes a day on a 100gl tank, and 10-12 cubes two days a week when I do the nems & corals too. N&P have been undetectable since I started using ATS, which is a mickey mouse rubber maid tub version. Since I am always looking for the easiest way to do everything, I will continue cleaning the whole screen once a week. For me, it was a real struggle maintaining water quality with just a fuge: starving my fish, super skimming, massive weekly water changes - just to keep Nitrates near 20ppm and Phosphate under 1.0. That all went away with an ATS, the hobby is much more enjoyable and not a huge chore."

Thedude657 on the scrubber site: "So my screen finally filled out with greenish algae. Water quality is excellent and now I have all sorts of cool things growing on my live rock. Little white sponges are popping up everywhere, some stuff I have no clue what it is yet. Just wanted to say thanks to help me get started."

Chrisfraser05 on the RC site: "I just wanted to jump in and say after bumping into Santamonica on a forum a while back and also watching Lafishguys videos I started a marine tank [8 months ago]. Obviously I started my first tank with a DIY algae scrubber and have NEVER seen either nitrate or phosphate."

Redneckgearhead on the scrubber site: "Heres the pics of my HA problem. [algea all over]These where taken just before I added my scrubber. I had tried EVERYTHING nothing helped. I paid a small fortune for a skimmer that I was told would surely take care of the problem. The HA laughed and kept on growing. My lights where down to 3 hours a day, my fish where only fed a small amount every two to three days, I was doing 10 percent water changes twice a week. And keep in mind those picks are only about 3 days growth, I would remove about 80 percent of the HA during my water changes. These are pics I took today just before my weekly water change. [almost no algae] I am feeding daily, my fish are now fat and happy. My scrubber is working beautifully! I am so glad I found out about scrubbers. I am still using my skimmer, but I may take it off line as soon as all the HA is gone. From the looks of things that shouldn't be much longer."

Fragglerocks on the RC site: "Ive gotten rid of 95% of all "bad" algae in the DT and my P04 Level is 0.12 checked by Hanna meter. Nitrates - Zero. I feed the equivalent of 2 frozen cubes per day, along with pellets whenever I think about it. up to 2 times per day."

Scrubit on the scrubber site: "have been running a scrubber-only 90gal tank for over a year now with great success. [...] I was ready to buy a big ol skimmer for my new tank build when I came across some of the info SM had posted. That was all it took, and I've never looked back. NEVER had algae in DT, NEVER had readable nitrates/phos after cycle, and have probably changed out maybe 40gal of water since setup. Personally I find running a scrubber almost as fun as the tank itself!"

Psyops on the RC site: "I had a DSB and chaeto fuge. When I added a ATS, the chaeto disappeared. I don't know if the DSB is doing anything. I feed my fish and tank from 1-2 times daily depending on my schedule. The ATS is doing really well, especially when I added a Calcium reactor 3 months ago. I did not believe some of the stuff people were saying on how effective an ATS system could be, but they were mostly correct."

JohnnyBinSD on the RC site: "I finally got around to putting an ATS on my tank 3 weeks ago. Just harvested a pile of algae off it tonight. In those 3 weeks I have doubled the amount of daily food I put in the tank, run the skimmer 6 hours/day instead of 24/7, and removed the lighting from the chaeto in the old fuge. Nitrates & phosphates are undetectable, algae in the display tank is almost nonexistent, fish are fat & happy. An ATS is the cheapest & most effective thing I've ever done to improve water quality. I wish I had built one sooner."

Kcmopar on the MFT site: "Its been about 5 weeks (started the weekend before fathers day) or so and the green hair algae has stopped growing in my 40G. Yeah!!! Its all receding, maybe just a few percent left at the base of a couple rocks that my coral beauty snacks on. Just amazing. Started this 40G salt from Jump with an ATS. IT NEVER CYCLED!!! I have little pods, tiny feather dusters, and other critters thriving like crazy. Coraline already starting to spread across the tank. Nutrients are always zero to just barely detectable on both the 10g and 40g. Also a note on the 40G, I never had to do a water change yet!!! No test results ever got past barely detectable. I have been dabbling with an ATS on a 10 gallon Freshwater as well. Same results so far. I am building a bigger one for my 150G FW in a few weeks."

Reeftanker on the MFUK site: "i have cleaned it about 8/10 times now, about 50-90 grams of algae each time and i have just tsted my tank i have on my test kits; Phosphates = clear that means undetectable levels on my test kit, Nitrates = 1ppm maybe 2ppm, what more do i have to say im am chuffed to bits and over the moon"

Etan on the MFUK site: "Just to share some of my results with my scrubber. I set up my new tank at beginning of Jan(Rio 400). The only filtration I have on the tank is a scrubber and about 50kg of live rock. After the tank had cycled my nitrates peaked at about 25ppm about 2 weeks ago. There were only 2 clowns and 2 chromis in tank and small cuc. Just tested today after all stock and cuc from old tank have been in there for about 1 week and nitrate reading is only 2ppm and not much signs of algee in main tank or on glass. It seems to me the scrubber is doing its job."

Weatherby68ss on the scrubber site: "i have been into this hobby for 3 years now and was using a wet /dry filter for the first year and a half or so untill i found out about algae scrubbers. i have to admit i would not still have an aquarium if not for my ats. its simply to much time, work and $$$ using any other type of filtration. with the ats i can actually sit back and enjoy my tank and keep my fish fat and happy with out worrying about the next water change because i hav'nt done 1 in over a year! :D anyone thats thinking about building 1 all i can say is go for it THEY WORK!!! nuff said"

Mgraf on the RC site: "I have been running a scrubber for about 8 months now, at first I had a skimmer running, macro's, rock rubble, and deep sand bed. Same setup as you almost. I still have the deep sand bed but, eliminated the other stuff over time for the sake of simplicity. I clean the scrubbers algae once a week, do monthly water changes, feed often and alot, and my corals and fish have never been happier or fatter in the year and a half it has been set up. Many may disagree but, for me it is the easiest way to run a salt water reef."

Jukka on the RC site: "I used to have various carbon sources + ATB Supersize skimmer as filtration for my 400 gal reef. I never succeeded to outcompete nutrient problems with those, no matter how much carbon I added. I also tried the pellet version. Since building a large scrubber with lots of light, all problems are gone. But I didn't take the skimmer out of the system and didn't stop carbon dosing, and don't intend to. I just reduced carbon amount to about 1/10 of the original. I like the effects carbon does for fungi, and other stuff like that, growth. Though other reason for keeping skimmer online is the amount I paid for the supersize ATB."
Some UAS builds...

"Acorral" on the scrubber site:


"Badfish" on the RC site:




"Cmaxtian" on the scrubber site:

"Deneed4spd" onthe TCMAS site:

"Ewerd" on the scrubber site:




"Fishuntbike" on the scrubber site:


"FloydRturbo" on the scrubber site:
“MorganAtlanta” on the scrubber site;




“Octavia-vrs” on the UR site:


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“OwenReefin” on the PNWMAS site:


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"Cermet" on the AC site:

“Promazine” on the UR site:

"Bobba" on the scrubber site:




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“Tonymar” on the scrubber site: