Green Bubble algae


Reefing newb
hi, last night I decided to get on a ladder and look inside my overflow. (not a pleasant experience) lol
I nearly died, I have green bubble algae. There is 2 clumps about the size of a fist growing happily.
I don't have any sign of it anywhere else DT or Sump ?
Is it a concern ? Should I remove it ?
And last question is why does it grow in the overflow box only and not anywhere else. ???
I actually still have some GHA in there as well, but that has been there for a long time and its never spread anywhere else so I have just left it alone.
Is bubble algae a sign of excess nutrients like most other algae ?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
If it was growing in my non-existent overflow, I would leave it so long as it wasn't blocking flow. It obviously is just a good place to grow so it's basically acting as an algae scrubber.
Cool. Thanks for info. I just don't want it to get to the display ?? Why dies it only grow in there. ?
If it's in the overflow, guess what? It's already in the display.The reason it's only growing in those places is that that's where the nutrients are and the predators aren't. ;)