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Hello! My aquarium has a huge green hair algae. It is everywhere in my aquarium. How should I combat this outbreak?
By the way, I recently upgraded my light about 2 months ago. Could that have caused the algae to spread? Also I have read that a GFO reactor helps. What is that? My protein skimmer has to be upgraded, and I have heard herbivores like yellow tangs heavily help solve this problem. Is that true?

What are your nitrates and phosphates at? Yes the lights could have helped it to bloom. Yes some tangs will eat it but you need to get to the root of the problem not just throw algae eaters at it. We need more info what's your stock, what are you feeding, how often are you feeding ect. What are you using for water?
I agree with @Aquarian you need to treat the source of the problem to get the best results and get rid of the HA. I'll bet for an excess of nutrients in the tank. How frequently do you feed your fish? and what kind of food do you use? I will recommend you use frozen food instead of pallets and flakes in case you use them.
My phosphate levels are about .1 mg/L and my nitrates are about 11 mg/L. I have two clownfish and one green chromis. I feed them New Era flake food once (generally in the morning) and Frozen food once (generally in the late afternoon) I use dechlorinated water with Instant Ocean Reef Crystals. Thanks.
Try feeding just the frozen, and even if they act like they are starving fish don't need to be fed twice a day. Flake foods are notorious for being high in phosphates so you should stay away from them. Have you checked your water source for phosphate and nitrates? Most tap water is high in one or both (most not all) my tap water is low in phosphate and 0 nitrate but is 280 TDS it's good to know what's in your water, if you can't get rodi water form a local source you can try distilled water but you should test for copper in it if your keeping any coral of inverts.