You could put them up for sale on our new site Fish Stuff Traders. Its a free classified. I put up a USA and UK version. You would be my first listing. :)

I love shameless self promotion. :)
I will be starting with 4 - 3" ice cap fans. will probably add more will see. chris, in photography under my thread jhnrb 150 you will see my posts for pictures, however, the post is there with a short box under it but the picture is not shown. it was when i posted but now just the box and file heading no picture??
I will be setting up a 250 mh 12k+ at each end of the hood and in the center a 175 mh. now i have both 10k and 12+ k bulbs. im thinking of trying the 10k in the center. in add there are 2 - 96 w compact atinics, 2 - 96 w compact 67 K, and 2 - 67 K 55 w compacts. what do ya think on the center my 10 K or 12 k+. 26" to sand bed. all opinions appreciated.
On my 55 reef with softies and LPS, I went with 440 watts VHO powered by 2 PFO ballasts. On the 135g, I'm going with a system I found at Coral Reef Eco Systems. The 72" Professional Series Hood 3 x 175-400w MH and 2 x 160w VHO is $819.00. I had a very hard time finding an all-in-one 72 inch hood.

I hope to keep clams someday.

that system should work very well for you. I am partial to the package systems as it is much cleaner and easy to maintain. since my system is a full 26" to the top of sand bed I wanted the flexibility to play with lights a bit so Im putting in individual units, (and i got a smokin deal on them). keep us posted on how you like your lights as things progress. sounds like you have this part dialed in. good luck