Jester's 90 gallon upgrade

Another update on my Juvie Melanurus' transition. It's definitely losing it's dorsal fin spot now as it's about half the size of what it was just last month:

Seems that in addition to my Chaeto growing that my Pod population is starting to grow in my sump. Managed to catch them crawling around last night:

For those tearing your hair out trying to deal with green hair algae and other similar unsightly algae, I recently tried using Flucanozole. I did a single dose for my tank and didn't change the water for a month, then did a 20 gallon water change and waited about a week before doing this video. Take a look at the Coral Growth update video for comparison (notice all the brown and green gunk in the rockwork). Here is what it looks like now:
Update on my tiny little Zoanthid Polyp I got as a freebee on Black Friday, it is growing and adding color on an almost daily basis now. It is sending out new Polyps as well: