Jester's 90 gallon upgrade


Reefing newb
It's been a long time coming and I had some setbacks but I am slowly making progress on my 90 gallon reef tank with a 29 gallon sump. Here are some vids tracking my progress:

Sadly the male got ich and died (hence the hold up with my progress for several months), still worth posting because it's such a beautiful fish

Had to get rid of the Yellow Tang due to aggression towards the coral beauty. I do have a Pyramid Butterflyfish in QT and will be posting a vid of it once it is in. I did add a new backing to the tank though:

Pyramid died in QT, but thankfully was guaranteed since it never left the store and it was the distributors fault for delaying the shipping an extra day. Unfortunately, the LFS can't source another Pyramid for me, so I opted for a One Spot Foxface. It is in QT now: