JbJ 28 gallon nano automatic feeder?


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Does anyone know if there is a compatable automatic fish feeder for a 28 gallon JBJ nano tank? Mine has the sealed canopy. I can't find one that says it will work. The tank lid does have a little flap on the front to facilitate feeding. I'm thinking there must be one that might be able to work from that. I'm single and sometimes I have to leave for a while due to work. I don't have anyone I can leave in care of my tank right now. Idid find that there is a automatic water unit that controls power heads and floats to add water when I'm away. Any help would be great. I belive most of these units feed fish only , and I guess I have to learn about the care and feeding of corals before I add them. Iam wondering if I can leave for say a week and not have to worry about feeding corals and the fish.


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I found one that is going to work for me. It's the eheim automatic feeder. It's easy to program, and seems to be able to adjust to release a small amount of food. I only have one fish right now. He is. Little also. It sits on the canopy and protrudes out over the feeding hatch when it's in the open position. It's weighted down so it won't move when the tumbler activates and rotates to drop the food. Hopefully it will do what I need it to do when I leave for Hawaii on Saturday .
Make sure you test it prior to leaving. Automatic feeders have a bad track record of either not dumping food at all or dumping everything at once.
Thanks for the advice , I have Been doing just that. I was experimenting with flake food and granules. This one seems to work pretty well. Hopefully it will continue