How do you catch a Camel Shrimp?


Reefing newb
I am in desperate need of a way to catch 3 Camel Shrimps that were placed in my reef tank. They have eaten two brain corals :death: , a leather coral and they are starting on another leather and another brain. Does any one have a suggestion besides breaking down the whole 75 gallon reef? :frustrat:
you will need a container that you can see through, a net that will cover the top. container should be deep, 5 to 6 inches. dosnt have to be very wide, maybe 3 inches. lay net back to provide an opening into the container. place some fresh squid or clam (couple small pieces into the container and then just wait and when the shrimp goes in move net over the top and walla you have a shrimp. These shrimp are very active a night. maybe a net with some smelly food in it, when they enter pull up net. be carful not to snag reef rock or equipment. good luck, and very sorry for your loss. as you now know this is one shrimp that is not recommended for reef tanks.
Rhynchocinetes spp. (R. brucei, R.durbanensis, R. hiatti, R. rigens, R. rugulosus, R. uritai). Camelback shrimps (hinge-beak prawns) Feed on small polyps. very active at night. hope something here helps.
great reply JHNRB
Papercat1 did you get the little buggers out.I had a peppermint that eat my yellow polyps.I turned it into LFS credit
Update on Camel Shrimp

No luck yet. We made a trap and placed the brains in it that the shrimp had already destroyed to use as bait. I have not been anywhere to get other bait. I moved my other two brain corals to a new location in the tank. I am sure they will eventually find them. :frustrat:
For the trap you somethinglwith a smell to it so they get atracted to the trap.You mite have to get up in the middle of the night and try with flaslight and two nets.
20oz soda bottle cut top off flip it over put it back in the bottle like a funnel put on a couple drops of superglue to make it stay put some bait in and sink it in the tank
i bought one on accident lfs said it was peppermint but wasnt luckily coral banded shrimp don't like any other shrimps or crabs and killed it
I had a coral banded that took a liking to coral flesh.He ended up being traded to.Heard that the guy that bought him from the LFS had a trigger that also took a liking to coral banded shrimp flesh. Good for em ( the shrimp that is)
Mine would not fall for any of the traps listed above! Waiting was how I ended up catching mine. After several nights of sneaking in much after lights out i used a flashlight to locate the shrimps, and after they were out in the open just snuck up on them. It took forever however. Goodluck
I had a peppermint shrimp that ate 1/2 of a brand new, beautiful hammer coral overnight.

Reef-safe my @$$. :)

Luckily, I was able to snag him with one infuriated swoop of the net...he was so interested in consuming the hammer that he never saw it coming. He quickly became credit...although he almost became cat food.

Fortunately, the hammer is growing back (five months later...) slowly, and the other stem looks great.