Help with Radion XR30's and Neptune WXM module

Jeff P.

Reefing newb
So today I decided to clean my Radions. After doing so, I hooked everything back up, but WXM is no longer showing my lights. I have been researching this issue for hours, and finally decided to reach-out to the community. This far, I have updated the firmware in each of my 3 Radions via USB, and likewise updated my WXM module firmware. In the native Apex web page, I have updated the WXM firmware, did the WXM Freq update, RF settings (I don't know if it's supposed to be set to 1 or 2), "Reset Radions" and "Attach Radions." No new outlets were created as I expected. I also went into the connection manager, and upgraded the firmware of all 3 Radions. For the life of me, I can not only NOT get the WXM to show the lights, but when I try to turn on the lights manually by using the buttons, they do turn-on, but only temporarily. I have now been without light for HOURS and am starting to get really nervous. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.