AI Sol Blue with Controller Not Controlling


Reefing newb
I have 2 AI Sol's being controlled by their "New Controller". I turned all the power off on my tank to do some maintenance and when I turned it back on the lights were a full power. Anything I tried to control with the controller did not work. I upgraded to the most recent firmware, reset to "factory settings" and nothing seems to help.

For some reason, the only success I had was when i turned on the weather settings. It did not give me a lightning flash, but the lights did go down to almost a night time level. However, the white light is at about 5% with the blues completely off. The controller says that the White = 0%, Blue = 0%, Royal = 1% -- definitely not what i am seeing in the tank.

Is it a wiring issue or something i have screwed up in the setup? I am using the most simple "easy settings".