Ecotech radions and mp pumps


Reefing newb
I guess ecotech has now updated there ecolive program to now allow pumps and led lights to be run and scheduled together using the wireless interface. I don't think you can do it yet using your PC , but on my iPhone and ipad I have my new mp40 added to my device list and can control the pump wireless from them. Is anyone else using this yet? And what modes are you using? Right now at night I have it turned down to a 25 percent constant speed mode. Then at 7 am it starts to ramp up to reef crest mode for a few hours. I am hoping that someone who knows more about this than I do can give some better ideas on what to set for what part of the day.
It would be nice if there was a thread or section for those who have ecotech radion lights and MP pumps could discuss and give advice. Maybe there is and I just don't see it yet.
I've been doing the same thing with my Profilux for a couple years so don't see the need to switch to ecosmartlive, but...
I have two MP60's across from each other, so i run them anti-synced on long pulse mode for around 15 minutes each, trying to create a gyre.
Around 10pm they go into Nutrient Transport Mode which lasts for what... an hour and a half? I don't remember. After that they go into lagoon mode for the night.