Hello I am new to saltwater and will need alot of help


Reefing newb
First this is what I have done I got a 110 gal. from a person with fish and live rock. I took the tank down and moved everything to a 55 gallon for now water and all. It has been about 24 hours now with no losses the only filtration I am using now is a canister filter. I am trying to figure out everything I got Looks like 2 protein skimmers t-5 lights led lights wave makers a couple air pumps and no clue what else. Question No. 1 What is the best way to set up the equipment for the 110 all they had running was the
canister filter.
Hello and welcome to the forum! Hopefully someone here will be able to help you out with your query :thumbsup:
Are the protein skimmers hang on back style? Did the canister filter come with the set up? Canister filters don't really work well for saltwate they tend to be nitrate traps. Ideally depending on style of the skimmers a sump under the tank would be the best. Does the tank have an overflow and is the tank drilled? The air pumps are not really required good to have in case of equipment failure.