Help using Neptune pm1 module with pH probe to control Ca Reactor

Jeff P.

Reefing newb
Hello all: I want to control my Ca Reactor using the pH probe via a Neptune pm1. I installed everything, and the pm1 is showing-up on my Apex display screen. I am not sure what to do now? Can someone direct me to, or perhaps give me a step-by-step to get this going? Right now, the pH probe is showing that the pH that is being used for the Ca Reactor is 2.0. This is not correct, as I know that my pH is much higher. The reactor has been running both pumps for 24 hours w/o the Co2. I am purging the air, and don't want to dial-in the C02 until everything is set-up properly. I have enabled the pH probe in the pm1, but again, it's not showing the correct reading, so something is wrong. Any help is greatly appreciated.
I did not calibrate it--it came with no calibrating fluid and I ran out. Will it not take readings until it's calibrated?

The tank pH with the probe I'm trying to use with the Ca Reactor is the same as the reactor's pH--so it's not reading that either.
Yes, it needs to be calibrated. They don't send the packets with, you have to purchase them separately. That is the normal for apex. If you are using it on the cal. Reactor, you need 2 fluids 1 of 4 ph and 7ph.

If you use it in the tank, then you need a 7ph and a 10ph. Hope this helps.