CA Reactor Advice

Jeff P.

Reefing newb
Dear Group:

I have read almost every post regarding CA Reactors, and was hoping you could be of help with mine, which is a Aquamaxx C-tech T-2, which is being fed by an APT peristaltic pump. First of all, for the life of me, I cannot get the air bubbles at the top to go away.

The MAIN reason I am reaching-out is because I cannot seem to get the pH level of my aquarium down below 8.93.

Right now, my reading are as follows:

System pH: 8.93
Reactor pH: 6.51.

My settings in Fusion are as follows:

Fallback: OFF
If Car_pH > 6.50 then ON
If Sys_pH < 7.85 then OFF

I have an Aquariumplants Carbon Doser (electronic), which is set as follows:

BBM: dial is set at 8.5
Pressure is at 10 psi

I do regular water changes.

Any suggestions?