Help with Metal Halides


Reefing newb
I am thinking of buying a metal halide. What are the pros and cons? Is there any one company better than the other? I found these on ebay. Does anyone have any opinion?
Item number 7738896951
Item number 7738327311
Item number 7739001671

Any suggestion would be appreciated
I hope the links work I have never done it before.
Need more info to accurately offer help.

1. Is this for the 44gal tank you have listed in the profile?
2. What is the current livestock in the tank (coral inventory and what you intend on adding)
3. Do you have a glass top on the AQ or are you using a hood that will allow mounting of the retro fit kits?
4. Do you currently have Actinic and Moon / Lunar lighting to supplement the Metal halide lighting?

Yes, this is for the 44 gal. I currently have 2 - 24'' power compacts with 2 - 65 watt 10,000k and 2 65 watt actinic. I do have some corals (clam, several different kind of zoas and candy coral). I don't what to be limited to the things I could have. I do have a hood. My plan was to take one of the power compacts off and put 2 actinic in one and using the metal halide for the other. My future plans are to have a 125 or 150 gal. tank. I am trying to spend my money wisely for the tank of the future.
First off anyone that advertises with

"we honestly expect you to get 5, 10 even 20 years growth out of the bulb"

That is just plain BS from the start and I would use that as a sign of a shady business relationship to come.

As must high quality bulbs MIGHT burn that long, but quit producing the intesity and spectrum needed after about 3000 burn hours. I replace mine every 8-12 months and you can defenitly tell when i slack off and wait longer stonies will defenitly start loosing color.

I have two of these and i really like doing business with Champion Lighting when it comes to lights. Ask to speak to Gary he knows all the lamps and has never leed me in the wrong directions. They even changed the bulbs to a 14k bulb which doesn't come standard.

I love these units as they produce tons of light and allow you the flexibility to move them around if you were to ever upgrade in the future. They had this unit tested for PAR at a LFS in atlanta and was very close to the 1000 watt Mogul based bulbs. I didn't buy it from them and he didn't know thats what i had so i guess that is a true statement, but i have no proof.

Either way its a great unit just be prepared to buy a chiller with 500 watts over a 44 gallon. I currently have two of those over my 55 and love it.

For your future tank investment, if it were me, I would make my life easy and get into one of the newer lighting fixtures that includes MH, PC (for actinic light) and lunar light all in the same unit-

As much as I hate to say it- (not being a fan of CoralLife) the new Aqualight Pro series- either retrofit or free standing module for use over glass now have my vote.

I just purchased the 24" free standing unit for my 92 corner (old lighting system was taking up way too much space with 3 light fixtures) the unit comes in either 125W or now 250W MH (for deeper water tanks) along with 2-55W actinic PC's and 2 lunar LED's all on different plugs for control with timers.

I have just ordered the 72" model for my 175 bowfront reef based on the performance in my 92 corner.

Ultimately it is up to you as to using the canopy to suspend the fixtures or to use a free standing unit.

Before purchasing anything, search for Aqualight Pro on the internet to see if it would fit your long term goal- they are available in 24,36,48 and 72 inch with either 125W or 250W MH. and offer the full lighting spectrum that you would need.

I purchased my units from That Fish Place/ That Pet Place in Lancaster PA (lowest price)
Great thing about forums everyone has different opinions....

I personally like pendant style halides then you can get a retro VHO for actnics if you want.

Example i have two pendants over my 55 gallon long, if i would have went with the 48" fixture mentioned above i would have to completely repurchase a whole new lighting system for my 92 Gallon Corner.

Now since i have two pendants i can just use those and I'm going to add 3 24" VHO lights to supplement 2 actinic 1 6700.

Everyone has different preferences but a Pendant MH offers the most all around flexibility with positioning and the ability to reuse.

That is what is so confusing. There are so many different combinations of lights. It is hard to know what is best. Are all metal halides basically the same. I don't think that I will have the right place to hang anything from the ceiling. That is why I was wanting a retro kit. I like those you suggested Brandon. I just don't know.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
No raymond not all halides are the same. There are two main types.
1) Screw in types.
2) HQI double ended bulbs

You can read about the pros and cons I ended up going HQI, but that was me.

I currently use just two of those fixtures with a gueismen(spelling) 14.5k bulb.

Great color and all corals are healthy so everything is ok.

When i migrate to the 92 gallon i'm going to switch to 10k MHs, 2 vho actinics, and 1 6700 vho.

Just what i'm planning on doing.... but i knew i was going to upgrade in the future and i didn't know if my tank was going to be 6', 4', half circle, or corner.... .So i went with ultimate flexibility when i purchased mine.