Please help! Brand new RODI not producing water


Reefing newb
so I bought a brand new pure water club rodi system it was the portable 100gpd model

I have 65-70 psi inlet pressure the tds is roughly 97 before it enters the filter it's been running for a week and only produced 20 gallons of rodi water the waste was really fast and I slowed it down to where the ratio of pure to waste was 1:3 - 1:4 I checked the membrane to make sure it was seated the full way and properly it was also lines are clear because it flows fast without the membrane so to break it down

Tds inlet = 97
After membrane = 7
After dual di = 0

Flows slow directly after membrane
Inlet pressure is 65-70 psi
Everything is brand new
Restricted waste to get a 1:3-1:4 ratio
Produces maybe 3 gallons a day

I've tried to reach pure water club for 2 weeks now countless emails with no success I am in the process of getting a refund from my card carrier

I have no where else to turn I just piled a ton of money into getting my first saltwater tank set up and I have no water to put in it any help would be greatly appreciated I've attached photos of my setup
I am sorry no one has responded. Let me see if I can help if you still need it.

What is your water temp? Lower temps can effect output drastically.
I am wondering if possibly it's a bad membrane but usually they will produce more water with higher TDS when bad.