Your preference in lighting.


Reefing newb
I need to replace the lights in my metal halide fixture. It's over my 40 gallon breeder reef. I need one 250 watt halide bulb and two 96 watt power compacts. I'd like a blue tint to the lighting but not really severe. I was thinking a 14k halide bulb with two super actinic PC's. Would this get me what I'm looking for or should I go a different route?

I really like the look of this but it's led and I'm not sure you can achieve the same look with a MH setup.
A lot of it is the specific bulbs, but I believe that should get you a nice crisp snow-white colour with the smallest blue tint.

Instead of replacing bulbs, have you considered replacing the whole fixture to maybe HQI/T5HO or even LED?
But will the 14k bulb and two super actinic PC's give me the blue I want to make the colors pop?

As for changing the light, I used to have just T5's and the tank as a whole seems to like the MH a lot better so I'm not wanting to "downgrade." LED's, too pricey for me still. I may do it eventually but just don't have the spare cash to spend on a light for my fish tank. If my MH light actually somehow broke, I'd probably go to LED and not get another MH light but until that happens, I'll just get new bulbs.
I meant keep the halide, but switch to T5 from PC. I think the T5s are more efficient, cheaper to replace and have more options now. PC lights are kinda regarded as old school tech now, at least from most people around here that I talk to.
And for what its worth, I believe that in Lincoln, you have to special order them. Nobody caries them anymore, but that could be different where you are.
Oh, ok. I misunderstood what you were saying. The thing is, my light uses a straight 4-pin plug for the power compacts and I'm not sure you can find t5's that have four pins. As I said, I used to have a T5 light over the tank but from buying new ones for that, I know they are two pin bulbs and that just won't work. As for getting PC's, I order my bulbs online and reef geek has them for as low as $17 each.