Hello from Houston


Reefing newb

I just picked up my first aquarium yesterday and of course I will be trying my hand at a reef. Due to my limited budget I will be taking this slowly. I will be constructing a stand probably this weekend and will post pics of my progress. I figured I need a stand before anything.

Anyways, I though I would say hey to everyone.

You aint in houston, you're way out in Katy! But welcome anyway. :mrgreen:
Start a build thread in the Tank Showcase forum.
It's like me...I sometimes say I'm from DC cuz no one really knows where the heck my city is LOL

Welcome to the site!
w00t! Another Houstonian! You should check out marshreef.com it's the local reef club and they hold events like fragswaps. However, as far as forums go you hit the jackpot with living reefs. By far the friendliest and most informative site on the web. Welcome! :mrgreen: