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I dropped the ball on getting this ordered yesterday. I am going to order first thing at 10am. I am sorry some things came up. Just for my blunder I am going to be offering my Margaritas at 1.00 each.... :grumble:
Way to mark those bad boys up 25%.....

Couple more blunders and you should open you up a little side business.

Ok here it comes.....

Talked to John from Bermuda today and he says that he cant get the Nessarius now and dont know when they will be available. I talked to Brandon and he feels we should leave it up to you what to do.

A) We could go ahead and order what he does have.

B) Order from

C) I have a connection coming available in about a week that should cut down the prices of Bermudas.

D) Don't order at this time.

E) Cry like a baby. (I vote this)

Sorry all this was unexpected.......
I am in no rush to get what I ordered. I would like to keep the prices in the same ball park whatever is decided.

Has anyone asked Michael's in Cleveland for prices? If you guys would like, I can ask.
I'm along for the ride....

David I say if someone can match the prices so all stays clean and easy just order the things.
Do what you gotta do, I dont really care either way. Theres places on the internet where you can get the stuff even cheaper but you have to pay shipping and I dont know if it evens out or what? Its also nice for a buissness to be the ordering middle man incase there is a problem with shipping. let me know what yall dedcide
I am working with Michael in Cleveland on prices. Can someone send me the price list again. He said that he is pretty sure he could beat whatever was quoted. Thanks.
Just be sure that you tell him it isn't for sure.... we have already had one vendor confusion issue on this order.

We don't want to have another. David is the official point man on this group buy to keep things simple.

We want to be viewed as a club that can make it a win win for both us and the local shops/internet retailers and don't want to create any hard feelings etc.

Thanks again for helping Sail... didn't know if you were along for the ride earlier when we ran into an issue, so just let michael know upfront it might not happen.

Thanks again.
Thanks Brandon - I'll be sure to let him know. I will get the prices to David if they are worth considering. I definitely wouldn't want any hard feelings between vendors and us. It is hard enough to find a good lfs. I would hate to have them dislike us.

I haven't received a PM. Could you please check to see if you sent it? You PM box is also full BTW. Thanks again.
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Thanks for the heads up, you should have the prices now.

Also I was thinking... we already had to back out of the order with NGA...

I would think if Bermuda can't get the order that NGA should get the next chance for our business, since they had already agreed to help us out but due to a communication issue between David and I wires got crossed and we had to hold off on ordering with them.

I'm just making everyone aware of a past issue, but I agree Michael is an awesome guy and I would hope we could throw some business his way in the future. David and I were just there on Saturday to pick up some stuff from fred.

I agree with you brandon on being careful with the local vendors. Something else to consider is the local stores are gonna get a bad taste in there mouth towards the club If we are always bouncing around window shopping and not committing. the Owners of the stores are already not real sure what the benefit of the club is going to be for them. We dont want to come accross as more of a hassle than its worth.
I appreciate all the time Brandon and david Invest in the club, And without yall nothin would get done. Sorry angela and chris didnt mean to leave you out. Your all the backbone of the club, Well david is more like the funny bone but you get the idea.
OK here is the latest: We can get most all the stuff right now from Bermuda and get the other stuff a little later. I would like to try and get this done with Bermuda keeping in mind the points that Ironman made. In the future I would also like to get something done through some of the other places as well like NGA REEF or any other place that will offer discounts and support to the club. IMO if a buisness is going to back a club and support it then we should go to them first. On the other hand if a local buisness doesnt even want to back the club then as a club we should support first those that do.

Dont want to sound harsh, but if this club is going to grow then we need local pet stores to back us and tell there customers about us as well as us doing our part.

So I vote Bermuda on this one......just one vote though.

BTW thanks to all who have looked into other places so far. I would like to support all who are willing to support us. As a club there will be many more group buys.
Sounds good to me too david..... the odds of ever getting a total order 100% is slim since most companies only have a 90% fill rate from their distributors.

Even with LiveAquaria things were BackOrdered.

My vote is order what he has, and either tell him to put the other on the order for next week or just credit the remainder of the money back.

Lets discuss how we want to handle group orders in the future at Decembers meetings.

Sounds good. If you don't mind I wil go ahead and get Michael's prices and explain the situation. I am sure he won't mind, plus we will have an idea of what his prices are like. I will pm David and Brandon the prices and they can forward via e-mail if they so choose.
Well, I really needed the Nassarius on my order, so I may as well back out for now. Sailfin, if you could PM me the prices you get, I'll see if the ETRC up here may be interested as well.
Please let me know how this is proceeding, as I'm leaving next Thursday for Mexico and need to get everything settled before then. I'm swamped at work, so a PM or email would be very helpful to let me know where things stand.

20 margaritas and 20 cerith from Bermuda
20 nessarius from Ironman or trade for montipora?


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