Group Buy (Reef Critters)

Are you interested in a Reef Critters Group Buy?

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Is there someone that can get there early besides me? I promise I am very sorry, but I cant be there until 6:30. Now if everyone wants to wait till then, I'll go in and pay for it and then we can go somewhere or split it up there. Let me know.
My vote is to split it up there at 6:30. Please let me know since I'll be driving down from Cleveland.

David - I am going to PM my cell phone number to you in case something changes between 5:00 and 6:30.
So david are you ready to start the next order :bounce:
Just kidding. Thanks for all your work, I know it was alot of hassle, But you made it happen. thanks again bud :bowdown:
I would like to post that I have no empty shells and all are already eating away. Thanks for meeting me so late tonight David. I hope you enjoy the doughnuts. That is if your daughter lets you have any.
all of mine are doing fine as well plus i got some hitchikers with them..:bounce: a tiny bristleworm, a starfish (not yet identified as to which species) and 2 nudibranches