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I was wondering who all would be interested ina reef critters group buy. (snails, crabs, etc...)

I am in negotiation's with some companies that will give us the best bang for our buck. If you are interested please vote yes or no, and chime in here.

I will post the best price list when it becomes available.

Thanks. :sfish:
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Hey guys, I ordered 600 nassarius obsoleta snails that should be here thursday. I can bring a couple hundred to the club meeting If anyone is interested? there great for eating detritus and keeping the sandbed turned, eating red carpet algae and slime algae,they will also clean glass but mostly burrow in the sand. Leave a post if your interested and approx how many you want? Hopefully they will arrive alive.
I'll buy 50 from you...Thanks!! :bounce:

I am making this a stickie so everyone POST! Also Chris, I would like to do something like that as well. I am trying to get us an even better deal than that as well.

I spoke with yesterday and they want to become a sponsor. He will give club members 10% off all the time, and will give us special pricing for group orders as well as stuff to give away. There is also no shipping charge since he is around ATL we pick up or he will deliver group orders. He has some good pricing.
Hey guys, I bought a whole lot extra, so as long as they arrive alive there free. Ill Bring whatever I can spare and split them up at the meeting. If they all survive I should have at least 200 extra.
Is there anything still needed for the get together (Food)?
No, NO, I am getting them ALL!!! :fechten2:

Ok all the children at the metting :hernoseen because David is going to :chair: Brandon and Sabotaged to :goodnight and dance on their grave! :whoopee!:

Just kidding. I have ordered the kind of snails before and they do a godd job. They are very active.
What's reef critters web site? I need to see what all they have.

Ironman--I need some for my new seahorse tank. It's so empty, it's sad.


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I will need some of those turbo snails. I think my hermits are eating my snails, or killing them for the shell.

Chris, which of the mega packages are you looking at: the one with snails or the one with sea stars and cucumbers? My daughters want sea stars and cucumbers is why I'm asking.
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somethign I learned a long time ago...

Kill the da*( crabs.

Just get different species of snails.

A good mixture of cerith, nessarious, and margaritas will work the best, giving you detritis, algea, cyno, film algea, and hair algea eaters. You can get turbos but they are always knocking things over, just to big in my opinion.

Hermits always want a dang bigger shell, but then again I wouldn't mind a bigger house too.

Give it a try it seems to work good for me.
I might have bad news, The snails never arrived today? Im trying to get ahold of the guy now, but dont know where they are? Maybe they will show up tommorrow, But thats a long time to be in shipping? Ill let ya know tommorrow if they arrive.
I need snails and something that will eat the leftover mysis that the seahorses don't consume, but won't fight with them for food. Maybe a crab?

I really need to get these items quickly. Anyone else ordering?

Let's buddy up.

Don't forget John over at bermudia said he would try to match any deal we got on the internet when it came to large group orders. I like supporting locally owned companies so they can stay around. Lets give him a shot at this and any other large orders we come up with.
I have no problem giving him the opportunity to bid on our business, but he's going to have to come way down from $3.50 per snail.

Nassarius, Cerith and Astrae combo works for me
I honestly think that John will have a hard time matching .65 cents a snail and even lower if we order numerous amounts, but like chris said we should give our local sponsors atleast the choice.

My guess is that john can't even get them for the 50 or lower cents we could if we ordered a large order.

But as a club we need to try to make everything a win win situation for both us and our sponsors.

At the very least maybe John would like to go in with us on the order and get some to sell at his store.

Let me know where we are goign to place the order through, i vote the a little more expensive but they seem to have a better mix of snails, and I will talk with John to see if they can match the pricing or would want to join in on the order with us.