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Ya I spoke with Kevin from and he said that he was ready for us to order. He said as a club sponsor he will give us a 10% discount at all times. For powerbuys he would give a greater discount. I told him we might not have enough for a power buy at this time which requires a certain amount to order. He said fine just give him the order of who wants something and he'll still do even better than 10%.

So lets go ahead and post here what you want from

There is no shipping charge since he is in ATL. He said he would drive big orders down here, or meet us somewhere. If you want anything, now is the time. If you want 1 or 1000 snails post it here. Lets try and get this done this week if it's ok with you all. I know Angela needs some asap and so do I.

Post what you want and keep in mind that it will be a bit cheaper than what his web site says. After all has posted what they want, then I will check the pricing and reconfirm with all of you if this is still something you want to do before the order is placed.

Please call members of the club and tell them about this. Also Less may be interested in ordering with us.

I'll try to get to bermuda at lunch today and talk with john.

Expect a post on the outcome of that this afternoon.

speaking of phone numbers....:chair: david.. i need a list of everyones so i can put it in my lil blue book..reef book of course :bounce:
i want the nano-nano pack = 10 astrae, 10 nassarius and 50 blue leg hermits....btw do they have any scarlet reef hermits?
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Hiya Kevin! :whoopee!: Welcome to our club site.

Sabotaged, I'll email you a list (and anyone else who wants one), but I'd prefer not to post phone numbers on the web.

Pterois said:
Hiya Kevin! :whoopee!: Welcome to our club site.

Thanks for the welcome Pterois.. It is most appreciated!!

On behalf of everyone here at, I want to say that we are excited to become a sponsor of your organization.

Reef tanks are truly ADDICTING aren't they!! I remember the day I started (many many moons ago) and said I ONLY want to go fish only!! YEAH RIGHT!!! That lasted a long time.. LOLOL..

Just to update you guys, I am working with David and will be forwarding him pricing information this afternoon. I worked out some good prices for you all!! David will be handling the majority of the details here for this group purchase and I will work with him direct via email and phone if needed. However, if there are any questions I can assist with, please let me know.

I believe David advised in one of our emails this AM that he will post the details regarding the group order here either late this afternoon or tomorrow morning.
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sabotaged said:
heh..damn that was quick..and yes im a member

LOL.. I try to reply as quick as I can.. Good timing I guess.. Geez, I better get back to work before someone catches me.. LOL.. :mrgreen:
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One thing you guys may want to look into is the geographical location of the source for the Nassarius snails (I believe they've been re-classified as Ilyanassa obsoleta now as well). I've seen a lot of them come from sub-tropical climates (the Carolinas is the source for a lot of cheap ones on places like Ebay) and though they don't necessarily have problems in warmer waters, their lifespan is severely shortened from what it should be. A small FYI so you can do some research. The N. vibex may be a better option.

I may be interested in some astrea snails as well for when I get my prop tanks set up...maybe not this week, but shortly I should be looking for what I'll quantify as "a bunch". :mrgreen:
OK Latest News:

We wre not going to be ordering from I am so very thankful to them for making every efforet to give the club good deals. They did give great prices however a local sponsor, Bermuda, gave us great prices on this order as well as great price breaks on future livestock and drygoods. John really wants our business, and to work with us.

I am sorry for the confusion, but this is going to be better for the club in the long.

Please PM me for a price list if you dont have one already.

Please post here what you want so i can keep tabs and tomorrow after lunch sometime I will turn the order in.

Ok so far we this is what we got:

15 nessarius
15 ceriths

20 margaritas
20 ceriths
20 nessarius

Chris (not sure which one)
12 margaritas
2 peppermints

20 margaritas
2 peppermints
10 ceriths

40 Margaritas
20 Cerith

Anybody else?

As far as payment goes, we can either paypal me or I can just pay it with a check and then Angela can give me back the money from the club account and everybody pay when they pick up or whatever....
Chris Jackson sorry if I spelled that wrong.

Also I know james was still debating since he was interested in the nano pack which due to a package was goign to end up costing more.......

That is the only thing I'm aware of David.

I personally am a fan of pay palling you and letting the club pay for the pay pal charges.. looks like that will be around 7$

That way if someone doesn't show up at johns etc everyone has already paid and it isn't a big issue.

Just my :twocents:

Also I didn't have michaels or Bryans contact info, so they didn't get on the email list....didn't want to leave anyone out.

ReeferNoob said:
Here are the totals:

Brandon = 34.50
Angela = 62.00
Chris J = 18.10
Anthony = 36.50

Hi reefernoob...this is Anthony, aka sailfin. We actually meet at the frag swap earlier this year, anyway on with the subject at hand. Thanks for taking my order. I live in Cleveland and might be able to assist in the pickup if there is a need. I am trying to get caught up on exactly what is going down.
When is this being ordered?
When is the delivery expected?
Are we picking things up at John's?

Just let me know. You can e-mail me here at work if you want. I can't get to my hotmail account from here. Stinking firewalls!!

[email protected]
Hey Bud!!

We are going to order tomorrow, pick up next week, and we can meet anywhere to distribute.

Glad you are aboard!!!