Green Star Polyp Okay?


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So my GF woke up this morning and the green star polyps we got yesterday were open. That is the first pic. When I got back they were closed. That is the second pic. Do you think they look okay?


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Also, I think it may do better more towards the surface closer to a powerhead... What do you think? If it would how long should I wait before I move it since I just got it yesterday...
It's hard to see on my phone but from what it looks like to me, that's what mine looked like when it was too late to do anything.

What kind of light/flow do they have now. You could try moving them.
I would put them in a high flow area and check your alk. The times Ive had problems with GSP, its been because my alk was out of whack and not enough flow.
4x 18watt t5 bulbs. 2 actinic blue 2 10000k daylight. i have 2 425 gph korralia powerheads and 1 maxijet 400. plus a aquaclear 50 filter and the 40gph pump powering my HOB fuge. My water parameters were all good yesterday when I checked. We are now just starting to use RO water from our LFS though and have only done 1 water change with that water. Nitrates nitrites ammonia phosphates all read zero on my test kit (API liquid reef and saltwater master kit)
go get your alk tested with a salfert kit as soon as you can, until then, move it to an area where the current is really zipping. You can create this by aiming a powerhead over the coral, but dont point the powerhead direct at the coral (they dont like this)
I'll give you our full test results.
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 0
Phosphate 0
pH 8
Carbonate hardness 16dkH
Calcium 460ppm

The only thing I can think of is we have something in our tap water that we can't test for causing it. Like I stated we literally just started using RO water from our LFS for top offs and did a 20% change with it last night. Going to continuing using the RO water. Our mushroom is fine and completely extended. Do you think the GPS can come back?
16DkH is borderline high,but IMO,not enough to worry about.
Your other parameters look to be alright.

While the GSP ain't looking happy,there is a chance it'll come back.In the 2nd pick it looks like one polyp MIGHT be trying to open.Hopefully that's the case.
So I took a small dropper and used it to blow off the coral. The red stuff that looked like "melting" was cyano. came right off. took a small brush to the stubborn parts. It looks purple and clean again. I'll post a pic in a min and you can tell me if it looks normal just unopened.
Here it is after brushing it off. Hopefully by morning the GSP will start to come out. It doesnt look sick or melty anymore. At least I dont think it does. What do ya think. Sorry pick is bad quality. stirred up a lot of crap after blowing and brushing it off.


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Ya I read some posts on other forums about it happening and it can clog the stolon mat. It looks pretty purple and normal now.