got a pair of clowns

Now as some of you know I am not crazy about clownfish at all, some may have heard me say I will never get one. well I bought a pair yesterday. Reason why is because my son Damian has a 36 gallon in his room that doesnt get too much attention, ill spare the details. I wanted something for him to look at when he wakes up in the morning instead of an empty tank with a couple snails and crabs.

reasons I went with colwnfish for this situation

  • I know Damian will like them
  • They are CHEAP
  • they are tank raised not from the ocean so it doesnt make me feel so bad picking up a pair of fish that i dont really care that much about to steal from the ocean. (they dont know any better) :mrgreen:
  • And they will live through a nuclear war if one happens to go down!
um, I think dad will be helping out with the tank a lot. He seems to take pretty good care of his opposed to other kids who have tanks.

Go with names like: Pistol and Harriet

im thinking of some more evil names..... i think. And piggy he is only 18 mos so hes got the word fish down but not nemo yet so im in the clear