My pair of Picasso clowns hosting anemone

Honestly thought it would never happen based on what I read but came home from work to find my tank bred Picasso clownfish pair swimming in my RBTA. How exciting. I know terrible picture, I will get another
That's great! Tank bred clowns will host but sometimes it may take a while to figure it out. Heck that goes for wild clowns too. Nature is so cool!;)
Better picture. So relaxing to watch for anybody with experience with this; my anemone would deflate each night and blow up every morning. Would the anemone stay inflated through night to let clowns nest? I did notice last night he stayed a little inflated and one clown stayed with it as the other went to old spot in upper corner in tank. The other clown just rejoined in the morning
Very nice! The anemone is going to do its thing with no regard to the clowns. When the lights go off it is going shrink as it always did. The clowns will do what they can to stay on, in, beside, etc... As your anemone gets bigger the clowns will be able to lounge around all night in it even though it deflates.