General Lighting Info...


Reefing newb
I sold my 100 gallon reef / fish tank about 6 years ago and just purchased a long established 240 gallon fish only tank from a local casino here in Vegas.... the lighting system is not up to standards - cheap set up - I wish to begin the long process of building a reef... what is a good mid-price ranged lighting suggestion to begin with - that could be upgraded as necessary? Suggestions?
I use hamilton retro kits for my compacts, atinic o3 and 67K. i like hamilton because they come with a built in connector for the bulb and since mine are retrofit kits they have acrylic blocks on top of the deflector for spacing from top of canopy. i am using custom sea life metal halides and once use up i will go to the ice cap dimable mh. i think ice cap is the best but not neccessarily the most affordable. hope something here helps. again welcome to the board and good luck on your system. sounds like a great project.
Thank You!
one more question..... I have 1 large "puffer" and one medium one and want to know if "puffers" are a threat to reef tanks. I just want to know if it is best toi sell the puffers...I heard they eat corals and live rock etc...