fresh 50gal corner to reef

Overflow is up and running, reliable so far, I will post a video as soon as I have a minute.. used pvc I already had to hook it up..
Now on to the next phase..
Protein skimming, lights, better return pump, powerheads, test kit, refractometer..

Then rodi, salt
all the $and & rock$..

Stir for a month or so..


Is there any way to "treat" tap water, before salt..

I was thinking drip over a layer of moss or something to "filter" and run until tds is within acceptable parameters??

Maybe duck moss in the refugium, we used to use it in the clean up ponds at Pilot Travel Centers where all the lot and pumping drains ran to.. I was also thinking of trying a drip acclamation..

Has anyone heard of duck weed being used in fresh, or salt??

Trying another free idea, #cheapestreefbuild

ReeferRob, appologies for the delay, I haven't fogotten you!!
ReeferRob, I sent that out to you over the weekend, I hope it finds you soon!! Thanks again!!

*one step closer, woot woot*