Forum Arrangement and Articles Forum


Reefing newb
Hello All!

First, I did a little rearrangement of the forum, I moved several links to the topline of forum so we did not have to continually click back home to find our links to other areas.

Second, I want to thank jhnrb for running our newly created Saltwater Aquariums Articles section. He will be posting important reference material to our hobby here. Feel free to contribute any articles your self. I thought this would be a very helpful forum because it will keep important topics in a central location and not allow them to be buried by the rest of our posts. We can also move any topic from any other forum to this area if we feel it has great importance. Again I want to thank jhnrb, Living Reefs First Moderator.
I would like to thank chris for the approtunity to moderate the articles section. if anyone has a subject of interest, or an article to post let me know. you can submit your article and or thread in the article section, but will not post until it is reviewed and approved. also you can contact me if a post is offensive or not correct. I encourage all to let me know where your initial interests for information are so I can concentrate on the subjects most wanted 1st, otherwise i will choose items of general interest. again thanks for the opprotunity and feel free to contact me any time by private message or e mail.