First Saltwater Setup


Reefing newb
As i am currently deployed to afghanistan i dont think they have LFS here :-P Ive gathered a list of equiptment that im going to order once i safely return.

Tank - 55g

Azoo Titanium electric heater
Nova Extreme T5 HO Light x2
Hydor Koralia Evolution 750 power head x2 maybe x3
CoralVue High seas 101b HO power head x2
red choral sea salt mix
Aqualight Power Strip
Vertex Salinity Refractometer
Fiji Mud -maybe- for sump
NextReef MR1 Media Reactor
WarnerMarine EcoBak Bio pelets
Active Carbon
Reef Octopus Needle- Wheel protein skimmer
Spectra Pure MaxPure 40GPD RO/DI system
still signing my sump
still gotta do a few other things as well

would appreciate comments suggestions, ect as i will not be ordering these for another 4 months give or take till i get back home :bounce::bounce::bounce:

updates in the future