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I failed Kobayashi Maru
So you mentioned some breeds need to be fed 3 times a day, or at least have an adequate supply of pods to munch on in between your feeding times. Is the H. Erectus one of those that need to be fed 3 times a day? And for that matter, what if you miss a day of feeding?
I feed my H. erectus 2x daily. If you've got a ton of pods you can go a while without feeding them but you don't want to do that often as they will "go off" frozen and revert back to live only which would be a pain. I was in the hospital for a week over the summer and my husband forgot to feed my ponies. When I got home they were all happy and fat. My erectus is a clown and she does the "feed me" dance whenever she sees me near the tank. She swims over to me and flashes her colors, it's so cute! I've trained them to go to my leather coral while I'm feeding them. I don't have to target feed but it's a lot of fun so I do it. Most people use a turkey baster and dump a bunch of enriched mysis into a hollowed out shell or some sort of feeding trough. I pump a bunch into a red bush macro I have if I'm in a hurry. I've heard of people that feed their erectus only once a day so I guess it's up to you and your horses. I know the dwarfs need to be fed a bunch, like 5 times a day and they have to have bbs so different species have different needs.

If you're concerned about missing feeding times get a bunch of Macro algae for your tank to allow a lot of areas for amphipods and copepods to develope. If you haven't gotten your LR yet get some maricultured rock from Florida, they'll come with tones of macro on it already and it's enviromentally friendly. I feed my erectus pair twice a day but sometimes I do miss a feeding and they'll normally just hunt around macro for snacks.
Here's a picture of my tank. If you look closely you can spot my two seahorses, one in the top left, that's Stevie the male, and then Theoria the female hanging out on the Gorgorian in the center. The general look of the tank stays the same but it does change up over time as the macros come and go in size. Usually after I trim some of them another type will become more dominate afterwards so it makes things interesting.

Saltwater Tank 10-21-09.jpg

And then some pictures of both of them, these pictures are actually about 3 months old now, both of them are a good bit bigger now, especially Stevie. Theoria's head spines are more pronouced now too. I've got them trained to eat out of their food dish when they see the plastic tube that I used to put the mysis into the tray.

Beautiful horses! Where did you get them? You've got a wonderful tank, love those gorgs. Very cool.

Got them from Seahorsesource.com. I was pleased with them, got a confirmation call where they asked if I had any questions or needed anything like medications for them.
You have a very large tank for just two Seahorses. Do they utilize all the space? Do you plan on getting more? Also those powerheads aren't too powerful?

Sorry I have always been fascinated with Seahorses. I had Dwarf ones when I was a teenager.
Oh that's awesome! they look like they're taking a bath in the pink bathtub LOL Glad to see them living well w/ a firefish. Maybe my firefish might not have to go back to the LFS after all :) With my fuge, I've got a good supply of pods if I miss a feeding.
Yeah the tank is very large for what I have in it, I could get another pair of seahorses and be at a good stocking level. This was my first attempt with seahorses though and I figured I would under stock the tank just in case. I haven't had any problems but since this was a first for me I wanted to be careful.

The powerheads are Koralia nano's, the smallest one they make, which IMO is the ONLY type that should be used for seahorses. Otherwise you risk them losing bits of their tail as they wrap it between the spaces in the powerhead. Honestly there were a couple times when they were tiny babies that I had to help them off of it because they went near it and got stuck to the side from the water being pulled in. I would either have to help them or they would sorta of crawl to the edge and be blow off.

The tank has four of the nano's, the return for my HoB skimmer, the pump for my chiller, and my Rena XP3 return. It's actually a lot of flow but the XP3 and one of the nanos is providing water movement behind my wall of live rock, the skimmer and chiller returns are both at the surface, so it's really just the three nano's for the rest of the tank. The seahorses actually don't mind all of the flow, they'll hang out right in front of one of the powerheads or returns just kind of enjoying the flow and they go "surfing" from time to time where they'll go behind one of the nanos and then go right in front of it and be blown away, then come back for another go.

If anyone is interested in getting seahorses check out Seahorse Organisation. Keeping and Breeding Seahorses in the home aquarium.. I cannot say enough good things about their Library section there. Tons of great information along with a good tankmate compatibility guide. I did a lot of my research for the seahorses there, they also have a good list of medications to pick up for your horses when you get them just in case on their message board.
I just found seahorsesource.com and I'm very impressed with both Dan and Abbey! I plan on getting all my horses from them.

You mentioned you've got a chiller, what temp do you keep your ponies?

There is an awesome FREE class offered by Pete Giwonja from Seahorse.com - Seahorse, Sea Life, Marine Life, Aquafarm Sales, Feeds and Accessories - Home. He offers a lot of information about seahorses from how to set up your tank to courtship and breeding. He sends you the classes via email and you can ask all the questions you want. I've never gotten any spam or pressure to purchase as a result of taking that class. It was very, very helpful to me when I first got my babies. I try to buy stuff from Ocean Rider whenever I can and I made a donation to their organization but they didn't ask me for anything.

When I first set up my tank I took out almost all of my powerheads because I was worried about my ponies. I used a couple nano koralias and bubbles to move the water around. I learned that my ponies actually love moving water! I've got some serious water movement in my tank and my guys really enjoy it. I have a lot of areas in my tank where they can hide but they like the stronger water movement, go figure! I haven't had the problem of their tails getting caught but I'll look out for that. When they start mating, the female actually needs a strong jet of water to prepare her eggs for transfer and in my tank she goes to my maxi-jet 600 for that.

What are you feeding your horses? Are you culturing?

I'm so glad you found this site!!!!!

Methinks Catherine found a friend! lol Hopefully we can attract more ponylovers so we get lots of input and comparisons :)