Eric's 90g AGA Build

Its alright, I asked at one point too but in your defense it is rarely used and when it is, its normally in relation with healthy acros
Lol alright I feel much better now. I did some bidding last night and got other goodies from Reef Pets. I'll post some pictures later
Here are the new additions. Should arrive on Tuesday. I think I'm done bidding for a while. I want to see how these 21 frags grow and if they all survive.

Melting Pot Favia

Ultra War Coral

Yellow Kryptonite Zoanthids

Ravishing Revenge Chalice

Dragon Soul Rhodactis Mushroom

Milky Way Favia

Lemon Lime Millepora Acropora

Incredible Hulk Montipora Confusa

Blue Polyp Speciosa Acropora

Ultra Australian Acropora
Dont out spend me now, i like remaining one of his bigger customers haha. I cant wait to get the upgrade rolling so I can stock it with these little frags and watch it prosper!
Hahaha don't worry I won't out spend you lol. I think I'm done for a few months now till I see this frags growing or unless I see something I really like.

That Beamer is holding you back:mrgreen::mrgreen:
So I got my frags this morning and they all arrived in good condition. Here I have them all on a ghetto frag rack that I made out of egg crate till I get something more adequate.

The only thing that has not open is the frag of Zoas so will see how they do.

Sorry for the crappy pictures but I need to order a new lens for my camera so till then the iPhone will have to do. I see who's been outbidding me on Reef Pet's stuff!

I've bid on at least three things you've shown! lol
Well I decided to get one of these controllers and give it a try. I still haven't set it up yet since it was delivered on Friday and haven't had much free time this weekend.

It's just a standard Apex Lite with a Temp probe. I will be getting some other probes when the back account fills up again lol.

I got these little guys about an hour ago and I'm currently drip acclimating them. They are really small about 3/4" so I'll be putting them in my fuge till they grow a but more which will give me time to setup the tank I'm getting for my bedroom which will be their home.


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Okay so here's a bit of an update to how things are doing. To start of almost 90% of the SPS I bought from Reef Pets are gone. Most have bleached from the base up and I'm clueless as to why this is happening, I have a theory but I might be wrong. I think I might be over skimming and starving my corals. I do not feed the corals so that's why I think I'm starving them. I came to that conclusion after watching this video.

1 Year Update of reef tanks w/ Different filtration systems - YouTube

My nitrates are undetectable and I feed my fish at least 2 or 3 times a day but I also don't have a lot of fish. I have 2x Percula Clownfish, 1x Royal Gramma 3x Green Chromis 1x Engineering Goby.

My lights are at 40% so I don't believe I'm bleaching them from too much light. I have a pocillopora that's up high in the rocks and its doing great and shows no signs of it being unhappy so I'm really not sure what's going on so if anybody has any idea please share it with me.

I've also decided to change my sump/fuge setup. I currently have two tanks connected together as my sump/fuge and it takes almost all the room on my 5 foot stand so I've decided to switch it out for one single 30 gallon tank that's 36" long. I will still have the same water volum I have now in my sump/fuge but I will be saving a lot of room for other components that I might add down the road.

Current setup:


Basic design of my new sump/fuge

Rule out the basics first; what are your water parameters including alk, calcium, and magnesium? How are you maintaining those levels i.e. 2 part, kalk, calcium reactor? Whatever you're dosing with could be causing some unwanted water swings weather it be spikes in alk, Ph, or not enough of something. I know I did some harm with a huge Alk swing when I added my calc reactor in efforts to dial it in. Lost my orange setosa that week :(

I lost a lot of my reef pet corals too but it was from RTN. Sadly there isnt much information or explanations of RTN and STN so it is hit or miss but when it happens, it seems to be contagious. My reef pet acros did well for a month until I added the corals from mr. coral. Those corals showed signs of RTN and it spread like fire which is something a lot of hobbyist that experience it have noticed. I removed the remaining sps frags that suffered from it; salvaged whatever corals I could with a healthy frag clipping and tossed out the rest which pretty much solved the issue. Unfortunately I lost a lot of corals before solving the problem. As for your lighting, youre fine. Infact, you could probably bump it up to 50 or 60%. Remember, youre trying to mimic the sun in your aquarium so in a sense, you can never have enough lighting however you do want to acclimate any coral to your lighting spectrum. I started my sps frags on the bottom sandbed for roughly a week, then moved them halfway up the next. Within a months time, they were mounted throughout the tank all over the place and my lighting is pretty intense with par ratings equivalent to a 400watt MH as I'm running 60 degree optics and over driving my LEDs. Not to say that the lighting isnt your culprit but I would look more into your water parameters first. I'm sorry for your loss, I know how expensive it is and can be as these colorful frags aren't cheap but I guess its a part of the game of keeping ocean creatures in glass boxes.
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