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Some one had asked about this product and after researching it I have ordered one to try out. I thought it would be worth posting so others can benefit from the question and the answer given. Bob Goemans has written an article in support of this technology which is not a new idea but new to the hobby in finished form. So following is submitted for your review and consideration.

Quoting jhnrb

Ive read as much as I could find about your product, but, frankly am
> still a bit skeptacle of its performance. could you provide me
> with some data or material that will bring up to speed as to what
> the product really does to the water and how. also how long will
> it last, and how many can you run on one system. I have a 150 gal
> in house and remotely another 200 gal for sumps, refuges, filters
> etc out side in the fish equipment room. I am considering your
> product but just am not yet convinced it is something I need. I
> will have a full reef with fish. can you send me your best
> material so I may be able to make an informed decision. I have
> read the testimanials. thankyou in advance. oh and by the way I
> have been asked by several individuals on our marine forum about
> your poduct. I have to admit I am not well versed in the product,
> so any information would be appreciated.
> Thank you
> JR

For your system, even though you have approximately 300+ gallons in
the entire set-up, would only need one X-225. This unit should be
installed AFTER your sump (in the RETURN line) back to your tank.
This line feeding into the tank is only circulating your 150 gallons -
thus only calls for the X-150 or X-225. Since you are right at the
cut-off point , I would recommend the X-225.

Then of course, you could install another unit from the exiting tank
water BEFOREe entry back to sump. But not necessary, since the above
RETURN Line installation will be properly effecting your actual tank
capacity of water.

Now for your question about product operation. Hopefully, you have
watched our VIDEO on website which explains in complete detail the
internal functionality of our product.

Here is LINK:

ECO-Aqualizer removes nothing from the water. It is specifically
designed to boost the effectiveness of existing filtration, by
realigning and orientating H2O molecules to help facilitate greater
molecular transfers. Enabling your existing water and Oxygen atoms to
INCREASE their capabilities many times over.

ECO-Aqualizer does not directly increase the levels of Oxygen in
water, but it does enable what is present to be used MORE easily and
effectively by tank inhabitants. Even the Nitrogen Cycle bacteria
BENEFITS. The result for aquariums is more efficient and effective
ammonia removal by natural, mechanical, and biological filtering

PLUS, surface tension of water is reduced, thereby enabling the "skin"
on the water surface to act more proficiently. Gases will cross the
air/water interface with less effort (energy consumption). Carbon
dioxide and other noxious gases can escape more readily, allowing more
concentrated Oxygen in the water. This creates optimum conditions for
easier utilization by aquatic livestock -and- greater oxidation of

With increased Oxygen availability, both in the water and in their
bodies, your tank inhabitants will expend LESS energy in just staying
alive and being less stressed. With reserve energy to be more active
- more enjoyable. Water stays FRESH longer and even the Oxygen that
carries the red blood cells of fishes become ore efficient, boosting
the Immune system to help prevent and cure diseases (again, less

As well, by CONSTANTLY reducing the Hydrogen Bonding between water
molecules allows a list of benefits: (1) trace elements become
unlocked from the highly structured molecule cluster. Allowing geater
absorption by reef. (2) Light can travel with less restrictions and
blockage from Hydrogen Bondage. Test shows an increase of 24% deeper
penetration of Light. This is not only beneficial for Reef, but
leaves aquarium water in a unbelieveable transparent nature. Nothing
on the market can even come close to the clarity that ECO-Aqualizer
provides. (clarity is established within the first 24 hours of
installation). (3) Allows Oxygen to more efficently be used in the
Nitrogen Cycle. Greater oxidation of impurities. Eliminating any
ammonia spiking. Even with a drastic reduction of water changes (EX.
5% every 2 months). (4) Eliminating scum and sludge build-up. (even
the build-up in filteration media).

How is all this accomplished? In short, the ECO-Aqualizer constantly
and repetitively REDUCES the IONIC BOND of H2O molecules.

The BREAKING of Hydrogen bonds keeps water in a very EXCITED
(activated) nature versus the typical nature of stale, stagnant water
in the aquarium. This allows greater breakdown of impurities,
harmful organic compounds and ammonia. Breaking of Hydrogen Bonds
also keeps water vibrant and refreshed... where Energy Transfer within
water molecules are continuous. ENERGY TRANSFERS??? What exactly
does this mean? Whenever Bonds are broken - they will again Bond
together very shortly. This is the nature of water. However, each
time a bond breaks and then bonds back - their is MOVEMENT of the
electrons that surrounds the Oxygen atoms. Basically, these
electrons are always searching for another POSITVE charged element to
ATTRACT to (or Bond to). In this case - the Hydrogen atom.

Very important: When electrons jump from atom to atom - this is
essentially OXIDATION. In aquarium terms - O.R.P. So ECO-Aqualizer
is constantly and repetitively oxidizing impurities (ammonia).
Ensuring that your tank will MAINTAIN high ORP readings.

And lastly....... the ECO-Aqualizer also causes constant and reptitive
damage to Green Algae. This damage is in the Mitosis process of green
algae cellular division. Due to this problematic division - algae can
no longer reproduce properly. Hence, algae reduction in the aquarium.

Speaking from experience, if you are using R/O water in your reef -
you can expect about a 95% reduction in green algae. My personal tank
has not seen any green algae in over two years. It simply does not
exist. Their is some brown - but NO green algae whatsoever.

In closing, and I do apologize for such a long email, if you got a
salt water aquarium. This product is a MUST. That is if you want to
reduce: Salt expenses, chemical expenses, medications expenses, dead
fish expenses, and time involved in maintenance and claning your tank.
Their is a night and day differnce in your tank when using
ECO-Aqualizer in the saltwater environment.

I hope you do get a ECO-Aqualizer and HONESTLY share your experience
with your forum hobbyists. In the past, we have found forums are of a
very political nature and many times are controlled by big companies
that do not want other new products to succeed. Simply because of
market share!

70% of our business is referral. These are typical hobbyists - not
your guru forum hobbyists. Just folks that want some help with their
aquariums and tired of fish dying. We have succeeded in helping
these folks. And gladly offer the 180 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you are still not convinced - your money is totally refundable. So
give this a try - you will not be sorry. If you think this product
will not help - keep doing what you are doing. But if you truly want
to start saving money and TIME - get an ECO-Aqualizer.

Here is a 20% Discount Code: 227fish

If you have further questions, please do ask.

Best Regards,
Phillip Newcomb
Tech. Support Manager
I've also seen these advertised and wondered if they work. With all of the knowledge people have on this site and all of the tanks that are running, I'm suprised that no one has tried this out. Please post your results, water tests, appearance, etc...
I was think about getting one but not sure where to put it.The back of my tank is full.Hob refugium and skimmer.The side are accessable with the canopy installed.I know there has to be a way to add but have figured it out yet
Installation would be on the return line to the system. if it is a restriction you may need to plumb it in with a bypass. or you could loop it out of your sump back to sump. just some thoughts. I will be looping it from my final sump just before the return pump. hope this helps.

Did he tell you what was causing the ionization that was breaking the atomic bonds?

Does it plug in and use electricity? Is there a resin of some sort, if thats the case how long does the device last? etc....

I believe the product could work, but I'm still sceptical.

Magnetics. strong magnetic field. no other connections required. just hook up to water and turn on water flow. the more return water that goes through it the better.
I spent a long time on the phone with them today discussing in depth this product.

It uses like you said magnetic fields... Which can also have a negative effect if the unit is placed withing 6 inches of any of your other water, so just keep that in mind.

It also uses a slight Nasa approved type of radiation... I don't know how strong or if there is any bad side effects, but he hesitated to tell me that because he said so many people over play it and freak out. I personally would like to know how strong etc it is... Heck the 60watt light bulb burning in this room puts off radiation...

I'm still up in the air on this... If anyone here in town would let me put it on your tank for a couple weeks, I would pay for it. Unfortunetly I'm not going to gambel with my display.

well like i said above, i have bought one (x-225) and will be trying it this year. will post results when available latter part of this year. My decision was based on the german author and hobbist Bob Goemans. Anyways go to the link posted in the above response part of the entry post and check out all the information contained there, and you can make up your own mind. I really doubt that the radiation is an issue, but probably part of the secret to the system. Ive worked in running nuclear plants in the belly of the giant, and can tell you that what little radiation given off will dissipate quickly and most likely not be any worse than a cell phone to your ear, but, you need to do your own research and make up your own mind. It is perfectly ok for you to come to a different conclusion than I did in order to decide to try it or not. happy fishin good luck. let us know if anyone out there has more information on this product that is substantiated. I hope this post answers the initial inquiries of the members that asked about it and provides some insite as to the current preceptions. more to come no doubt.
I like you are very interested in it. Iw as thinking of setting up a small fish only tank for testing.

Great idea. small controlled, small unit, less cost, and able to really check it out by munipulating the bio load. I believe though the new small system should be cycled and stocked 1st to establish a base line to compare to. adding the ECO Aqualizer after the bio load and system is seasoned and balanced would give you a very good point to compare to. just my thought. i will not add the unit until my system is established at least 6 to 8 months so will be a bit until I get some meaninful results. let us know and maybe we could all contribute to the project to help forgo some of the initial cost to set up a test system.
hey guys, I talked to a guy locally last year who swore by this thing. he was buying another one for a second tank he was setting up. thou I will say it kinda seemed to me that this might be more of a lazy reefers dream. All this talk of lessening water changes and lowering ammonia. Im not real sure if its more for people who have really nasty water quality to begin with. I guess what Im saying is if you keep a clean system you may not get the results other people get. I to thought about getting one but wasnt quite as enchanted with the idea to fallow through. What are the current prices on these units now? Maybe Ill try one just to say Im a idiot.
I think anywhere from 44 upwards of 220.

When talking with them they were strongly against getting one oversized for a saltwater tank and said you could even go lower if you were a cautious person.

If you decide to order one look at the first post on this thread by john. It has a 20% off coupon code.
Thanks for the link. after reading the thread, i doubt anything has been proven except the individual that uses um swears by um. naturally everyone else is opinionated on the subject but until tried, i cant sign on to their camp. The other test going on is not complete or conclusive and i doubt the eco caused a drop in water quality, but, the consensus is still out until more information is received. I will still try one to see what gives and post the finding. all of you will have to make up your minds on this item. I do not represent it as real or otherwise, just sharing what i have found out so far. so I will try it out later this year and let you know what gives. so far we have one that uses um and swears by um and one partially run test with a water quality drop and not real evidence as to the decline making this test thus far useless. so we will see. as for the rethoric in the link, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I do agree with the majority in the link that this item should not be used as a miracle tool, to resolve failure to maintain a quality system, but, to possibly enhance the thriving system. For any test of this unit the water flow through the unit needs to be correct for the system to benefit from it if a benefit is to be had. so lets see what developes.
A friend of mine got one of these when were setting up his 125. Put it on his return back to the tank from his sump. He started his system with the thing on there so no comparison to go by. It looked to me to be a cardboard tube with a magnet in it. No plugs or wires of any kind. Not real impressed with the packaging either. I like the concept but would prefer to go with more proven technology. The one thing that I have learned that is universal in reefkeeping is frequent water changes cure everything if done properly. This seems to encourage less frequent water changes and I don't care for that.
I have one of these on my Red Sea Max, but couldn't tell you anything good or bad about it. :dunno:

Of course you do :) Out of everyone on this site, if you had asked me, "Who do you think would have bought this gadget?" I would have answered "DAVID!!" right away. No doubt.