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Cymopolia barbata, also known as Tufted Joint Algae is an amazing algae that will please any marine aquarists. Beautiful green jointed stems grow upward forming a small bush that have light lime green tufts of "hair" at the ends - making it very pretty and unique. The algae is not only a nice looking algae, but it also lends itself beneficial as it naturally exports excessive nutrients, like nitrates, phosphates and silicates. Additionally, all plants add oxygen to the tank as they take in carbon dioxide and expel oxygen - creating a healthier environment for the animals within your aquarium.
This algae comes ready to be mounted or glued to a frag plug or piece of small rock. Tufted Joint Algae is also a nice snack for your tangs and angels and copepods and amphipods thrive in this algae as well - you may even find a few pods within the algae as a bonus upon receipt.

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