dinoflagellates in reef tank HELP!!!!!


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Dinoflagellates in reef tank HELP!!!!!

I actually have a small flare up (not that bad)after I left the tank lights on for 12 hours (in know epic fail timer did not shut off lights)I bought a clean up crew with a couple hermits snails 3 emerald crabs and a dimond goby. After a few hours the goby ate about half the stuff. my question is could this have happend directly because I left the DT light on for 12 hours or could it be because in my fuge I have 3 types of alge and I leave the the light on 124/7 for the past month?
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Are you sure it's dinos? I was under the impression that gobies didn't eat it

And no, dinos are not caused by one day of leaving your lights on too long.
+1 Erin... leaving the lights on wouldn't have done it. I leave my lights on 12 hrs every day, and my refugium light stays on 24/7.
third, I too leave my lights on 12 hours because I cannot separate antinic and days, my fuge main light stays on 24/7 and my back up turns on 12hr over night. Grown sum mega cheato....