Clownfish babies


Reefing newb
Several days ago I noticed hundreds of small black dots under my bubble tip anemone. I took a closer look and it looks like they were little clownfish babies. But last night I came to feed the fished and they were all gone. Is it possible that one of the living things in my aquarium ate them? What is was left there it looked like a white powder or something. Not very visible but you can see something was there.
I think they hatched. If they were eggs, typically start out orange the change to purple and then purple with Grey eyes. The only one that would eat them would be the pair, no one will get past the male clown with out death of the clown
The same day that I spotted that they are gone I removed a hitchhiker from my tank - Chlorodiella nigra . I have no idea how it end up in my tank since I did not add anything in past few months.
Also the babies were clear . Very very small. If they hatched should I spot them somewhere? Or they will be too small?
No, they hatch at night and all the fish will eat them. If you have a filter sock, you would see some in there. They don't live very long in a dt with the amount of flow.
So what your are saying they are probably all gone? Lets say next time if I spot them again should I move them to maybe a refugium under my tank?
They need to be caught and kept in a no flow tank and fed fresh live brine and water changed every other day. 20 percent success rate and alot of work. If you have a mated pair, they will be mating or have mated already. Every 2 weeks you will have new fry. I suggest making sure they are eggs, 2 weeks is a long time to notice something, and they should be in the exact same spot or close. Do some research, YouTube has a lot of videos if you are interested.