Check Out The New Frag Rack


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This one cost me $20 shipped to my house from Mag-Racks | The Magnetic Coral Frag Rack

I should have got a few more. I only bought one of the medium size racks. I don't think the shipping would have been anymore for 3 or 4 of them. The shipping was $5. He's using rare earth magnets and encasing them in epoxy. Looks slick and works great.

I had this stupid purple mushroom that found it's way to the bottom of the tank and attached to a rock in the worst of all possible places. My goby likes to dig under that rock and he was always spitting sand on top of this mushroom. I was going in every day and blowing sand off the shroom with a turkey baster. I kept hoping it would get sick of being covered in sand and move, but apparently this particular mushroom is either stupid or a sadist.

As soon as I got this frag rack, I took an exacto knife and hacked that purple mushroom off the rock. I found a piece of rubble and used a rubberband to secure it. It's going to sit on the frag rack until it attaches to that rock and then I'll move it down into the tank someplace where it can live without being covered in sand all the time.

I stuck a couple other frag plugs in there so they can get nice flow and hopefully grow out a little and avoid being toppled by the damn snails.
Thanks for the post. I marked the site for the rack and will take a look. just might be something in the short term I can use as my corals are growing really fast and im not set up yet to grow out frags.
Sorry to rain on your parade, but you spent $20 on that?

You could have made about 10 of those for $20. Just for future reference.