Two new. Anything special?


Reefing newb
I picked up three corals today. Two I haven't had before. First is a nice red mushroom colony. The rock they cover is about 6"x 3". They look really healthy. Nothing new there since I have 3 other mushroom colonies already in the tank.

The next is another chunk of Green plating Monti. I have a nice one in the tank already and it is really taking off! For $6 I decided to add another on the other side. I hope it takes off like the first one!

The last is a tiny Hammer frag. Again for $6 I figured why not. Any special care for these guys? LA says they are moderately difficult to care for. How so? Any different than the Torch? Its a tiny little frag and I hope it makes it. I have placed it on the bottom, plug stuck in the sand, next to my LR wall. I'm hoping it grows onto the rock. Its in nearly full lighting and in decent flow. (Lights are turned down right now though.)
I think Live Aquaria is wrong about the hammers being moderately difficult. They are pretty easy coral -- in the same family as frogspawn and torches, and requiring the same care.
The only issue I have ever had with any euphylia is during transport. If they fall, they can very easily damage their flesh. This could cause an infection.