can you use an inflatable pool as a fish tank

Oh geez guys, have you forgotten? This is the guy who posted he had lots of tanks; a 55, 240, 964, 2,000, and 24,000 gallon. He was also saving up for a 40,000. He is just a troll and, until he is banned, will continue to post ridiculous, mispelled, inaccurate things.
It's not even worth it to read his threads or be bothered by what he says, cause he is lying. (I learned this the hard way! hee he)
You have no power here Alex 787. Be gone before someone drops a house on you.

Wow that's him??? I thought there was just something wrong with people named Alex. Oh wait... :shock:
Ha ha, yep, must be something in the name. You were nice to give him the benefit of the doubt back in the day Sir Alex. But yeah, it's him again.
No, I already checked, this is not the same guy
Alex787? Yeah, he's the guy from the Niger Trigger Fish thread....It's the same guy as the one who posted he had the 24,000 gallon tank etc...I quadrupled checked to make sure, thru advanced search by poster.
Not to contradict you Little Fish :)
He's also the guy who told us to "f" off
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He isn't even a troll, (trolls tend to be somewhat humerus...) he is just a spammer which are the aiptasia of the interwebs, and temp banning them is like using lemon juice. You need an aiptasia x banhammer!!!