can you use an inflatable pool as a fish tank

In the dog world, at best, you would be called a bad back yard breeder. After reading this, it sounds as if you would be on the verge of being called a puppy mill.

Please don't just breed animals, of any kind, just to sell. You will find out quickly that it costs more to breed them than you can make, unless you are a mill. If you mill animals, you are not only inhumane, but simply cruel. People who love animals do not breed them for profit. They breed them to keep the species thriving, remove genetic flaws and generally help it to healthy.

Stop now!
Once again. You cant do that, thats like giving birth to a baby and dropkicking it out the hospital window to let it fend for itself. Plus you might introduce a new species, i dont know if there are like bamboo sharks or those kind where you live. You cant just throw it back, think! Parasites and so on.
i am not going to breed them for profit some yes i well sell and the the other the well be let go back into the ocean

Obvious troll is obvious.

If you ARE being serious (which I'd bet money you aren't) then you either are a nit-wit or an asshole. Nobody in their right mind would breed sharks in a garage swimming pool for profit then say they are going to release them into the wild.

"Current Aquarium(s) Description: still new to it
Experience in Saltwater & Reef Aquarium Hobby: 4 years"

Right, troll. Go find some other forum to troll on, you aren't even good at it.
No worries I got this. Do what must be done to rid ourselves of the troll.


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Actually, there are some people that are just that crazy. I work at zoo during the summer and we repeated had to deal with some nut job who wanted us to get him some tasmania devils so he could breed them. Which in so many ways I cant even begin to explain is just impossible, and monumentally stupid.

But awesome pic Cathic
I have read this entire thread and can't believe someone would actually think that this is a good idea!!!!

If you are going to troll at least work on your spelling and grammar.
Gah Fish why did you have to rat me out to everyone for my failed attempts to breed Tasmanian Devils!! Things were going well until the sedative wore off.
Dude, if more than one person tells you something it must be true! Do you need a vote or poll to help you. can you at lest tell us the benifets of this ideal?
i am not going to breed them for profit some yes i well sell and the the other the well be let go back into the ocean
Ok Im sorry THIS is the biggest load of horse $hit I have ever read.

I run into this all of the time who wants to breed any dog classified as a bully breed. They get their hands on these dogs and see dollar signs and nothing more. They dont have the money, they dont have the skills, and they dont have the knowledge. You want to know what I see happening if you attempt this? I see A LOT of beautiful creatures dying needlessly, I see the survivors not being cared for properly and I see ANY that you rehome not going to the proper homes.

If memory serves you need a tank that is 3x the size of the shark when it is full grown. The water needs to be pristine ALL of the time and most are pretty intolerant of eachother. So BIG tank. The fact that you dont know the basic answer of what they can even be put in tells me that you want to breed them, put them on CL to sell for cheaper then stores, but still expensive and pocket the cash.

Leave it to the pros and for the love of god DONT EVER breed anything
Oh geez guys, have you forgotten? This is the guy who posted he had lots of tanks; a 55, 240, 964, 2,000, and 24,000 gallon. He was also saving up for a 40,000. He is just a troll and, until he is banned, will continue to post ridiculous, mispelled, inaccurate things.
It's not even worth it to read his threads or be bothered by what he says, cause he is lying. (I learned this the hard way! hee he)
You have no power here Alex 787. Be gone before someone drops a house on you.