can you use an inflatable pool as a fish tank

Now all i picture is a kids paddling pool with some rock throw in and a grown man wearing inflated arm bands awkwardly trying to fit in.......
Still doesnt change the fact about rock ripping it, cant be outside, hard too see whats in it, the list goes on....
Well its your choice, but im just saying, that i wouldnt do it, and probably neither would anyone else on this forum...
easy, sharks and rays have special requirements, if you cant see how a swimming pool would be a bad idea to house these in, you have more issues and less knowledge than is required to keep such animals.
+1 Cathic

also those pools will be damaged by the rocks and sand you will need to put in there. Secondly, the equipment required to run one of those tanks will be hard to get a hold of and its going to be very expensive to buy. Plus the cost of maintenance will be huge. If you have the money to pay for upkeep of that, then you have the money to build a proper tank for those creatures.

Another thing to keep in mind is you arent going to be able to see what is in your pool very well.
How big is the pool going to be? Because both of those animals need TONS of space. Plus I wouldn't be so sure about how the vinyl would react with the saltwater.

My vote is still no. Especially now.