Bubble Tip Anemone (again)


Reefing newb
A couple weeks ago I posted about my new bubble tip anemone in my 10g tank.
I was debating taking him out because I thought my lighting wasn't strong enough (info). I also have 4 small blue LED accent lights that are always on.

Anyways, I was away from home for four days, and when I came back, he had moved from the back of my tank by the filter intake, to the front. He was fully open. But even better, my ocellaris clown has started to host it some! I think mainly at night time, but the clown is definitely rubbing himself all up in the BTA! It is awesome.

But the anemone still closes up almost half of the day and look almost dead. Then other times of the day he will be in full bloom looking as healthy as can be.

What do y'all think? I just don't know what to do with the BTA...

PS - my nitrates have been a bit high, around 20 I think. Also I think my PH is 1 shade too low on my test strip kit.
Your profile says your tank is only 3 months old and the water just isn't stable - that is just simply too new for an anemone

Also, your test kit is reading nitrates - this is also another no no for anemones. These two things would likely explain the issues you are seeing with your 'nem. Lighting could also be an issue (i did not read the link you had in your post)
My salinity was a little high as well from a water change I did last week. I am just now fixing that. What should I do about the nitrate and PH? I am going to back off my feeding a bit. Should I get some "PH raiser" product?
Water changes are your solution to nitrate and your PH problem. In addition, some additional nutrient export would help lower nitrates, something like macro algae, bio pellets etc

If you do get products that raise your PH, you need to be VERY, VERY careful using them - they are a great way to wipe out a tank
10 gallon is a little small for a bubble tip but may be ok for a while check out karensroseAnemones.net/ she is very knowledgable and can probably help you out