Best Way To Remove A Cabbage Leather?


Reef enthusiast
How do you suggest I go about removing a cabbage leather I have in my tank. Its about 3" in diameter and about 3" tall with 4 stalks. Can I just take a razor blade and cut it at the base where its attached to the LR? Will that cause it to release any toxins into the water. I just want it gone because its an ugly coral I got for $2 about a 9 months ago.

If I can cut it at the base will it regenerate from the tissue left behind? I doubt I'll ever be able to remove all of it.
You can cut it with the razor blade.But it'll probably grow back.
You might try cutting it,then placing another rock on top of what flesh is left.:dunno:
Like Yote said, chances are anything left on the rock will regrow. If you can, I would take the rock out, cut off the coral and cover whatever flesh is left with kalk paste. Or take a scrub brush to the rock to get any left over stuff off the rock.
If you can't take the rock out, try to get a finger nail under the base and sort of "mush" it off the rock.
I can't take the rock out because its on a large rock that's on the bottom and serves as the base for the above rocks. I can cut it with a blade then use a toothbrush to scrub the rest off. I'll try to syphon while I'm scrubbing to suck up the particles. I don't want cabbage leather's all over my tank.

It has a small base so it shouldn't be too bad. If all else fails I'll just cover it with reef epoxy and stick a zoanthid frag there.

Thanks for all the suggestions!
Why would you want to kill a cabbage on a rock... those sofetys are great ive been fragging and sharing mine for years? Great hardy coral... and yes you can razor it... if you cut it lowe enough at the base the remanance will normaly turn a chalky substance and clear but if you leave any flesh it will grow back... it takes a while though ... you can cut at the base and move them and they reatatch to where ever you put them pretty quick