Is this a cabbage leather?


Reefing newb
Got this growing rather quickly on one of the LR I got a few days ago.. It started as a small plump button and it's thinned out some as it grew over the few days.
Is this a cabbage leather coral or some other type of coral, if leather?
If it is indeed a cabbage leather coral, I read sometimes they can emit toxins as they grow that may be harmful to nearby corals. Can anyone validate?


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It does look like a cabbage leather to me also. The toxic that it emits is only a defense mechanism, when it feels threatened. No need to worry that it will kill off other corals in the tank. If you want to keep the toxin low in the tank, run carbon, which will remove it out the water.
Ahh..I see. But good rule of thumb, to keep it about 3 inches away from other corals?
For some reason the only other thing coming out of the LR are my pulsing xenias..which happen to surround either side of this cabbage leather.
That is a cabbage leather. All leathers and softies emit toxins -- including xenia. It doesn't normally cause a problem unless you have sensitive SPS corals down-current of the softies. If you have other softies in the tank, then it's not an issue.