Rearranging my aqua scape


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I don't like the way I have my rocks in my tank. I have been reading about the art of aqua scraping and learning some things I did not know or consider at the time of tank setup. The tank is maybe 3 months old now. I am going to attempt to redo it along with a water change tomorrow. I am going to try engineering the rocks a little with saw , drill and rods together for a different look. I also want to make it more maintenance friendly as well. I may pull the rocks out and the fish. Remove some of the corals from the rocks I have and will have to remount them. If anyone has any ideas on how to go about it best would be great.

What I will do before doing anything to the tank is get some dry rock that I can cut up a little drill holes in and try to place some rods into it for a base. The use some of my live stuff I have in the tank already to add to it. I hope to not get a cycle going again. Do you think this is possible if. Use dry rock and only put the live rock I have back in and not adding any new live Rock. I want to get it away from the asides and the back wall . I figure I need to do this soon if I am going to do it while its still a fairly young tank.i may not ever be completely happy with what I do but I can do better. I'm finding I'm picky I guess .
I'm picky too and sometimes I get board with it or I want to move one rock ant next thing you know I'm moving all the rock to buckets of tank water fish to another bucket. Coral to other containers. Then I rinse the rock off in the bucket as I replace them. Then replace the coral add most of the water back in ( except the water I used to rinse off the LR) then the fish go back in and lastly top off with a water change (usually about 5 gal.) I have added LR up to 15 lbs at a time as well as a few pieces bace rock. I have never caused even a mini cycle. I've had tanks ranging in size from 6 gal. to 45 gal. Never had any problems doing this

I'm sure you will be fine. Just make sure you keep water movement in your bucket of LR and corals.
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Ok sounds good.thats what I was hoping would happen and I was thinking about using multiple buckets for everything as I pull it out. I am going to bye some dry rock and use it to set something up out side the tank but measure the dimensions of the tank so it will fit in. Kind of a dry stack of the rocks outside the tank before I set it back in. Seems easier than getting my hands in the water all the time maybe set it up on a piece of cardboard with the exact dimensions of the tank .
Yeah, but next time don't start a new thread in Tank Showcase for it. Just post it on your Tank thread. Other then that, best of luck with it. Aquascaping is a Art :)