Attaching Toadstool Leather


Reefing newb
Some say my post about removing a LTA from my tank. Well the purpose of removing it was to trade it and other frags for a sump and some other frags including a very large toadstool leather. My question is what would the best way to attach this guy until he decides to attach itself to something? Can I sort of lay a rock on the base end of it so it's between the sand and the rock or maybe between two rocks? What's the best way to do this?

Here's a shot of it in a bag getting acclimated. It's about 5 inches long.

Propping up between two rocks will work just remember it will probably attach to both rocks. I had one that actually crawled its way to the top of my rocks over months and months. Every rock it touched it would grow into gaining a new foot hold. It was pretty amazing.