Beamworks Submersible LEDs


Do Not Listen To Me!!!
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I had purchased 3 no name brand LEDs just for accent lighting and they failed to even penatrate the water so I found these for only $26 each free shipping.

I was shocked when I opened the box how thick and well built and heavy duty these were. Each LED has the optic on it and they are very brights and powerful.

They cover a wide area and overall are very impressive. They are only 1w but I just want something for show at night and I have to say these for only $26 are extremely good.

I am really blown away at the build and quality. They are like tanks and very thick unlike all those $20 one that are skinny with only the little glass bulbs.

So that is my review and opinion on them. I was shocked. Will take pix of it not being used because LED does not transfer well in pix for me.
Please let us know where these are available as I tried a Google search and didn't come up with a useful link that I could pick out.
Here is the item # 300903565419 I got them on eBay.

Highly doubt they can grow anything but I know they are nice lights.