LED fixture lights with spots


Reefing newb

My LED fixture on my 10 gallon tank lights the tank less than my old CFL lights. The CFL been lighting the whole tank very bright, but the LED lights in bright only some spots (the sand or rocks right below the LEDs), the other area lighted less.

Also the actinic, it lights with 3 very nice blue spots, and around it's just a light blue.

Is this normal or should i return it? My LED fixture is from BeamsWork 18" 1W 1300.
I bought it cause it was only $80 from eBay, it was great deal. The reviews also good.
Sounds like one of the Chinese knock off fixtures. I'm guessing it uses 'naked' 1W LED's. You can try to get the seller to swap it for another fixture if all the LED's are not putting out the same amount of light. Assuming you can take the fixture apart to add optics, they may help a little bit, but I dont know how much that will help on 1 Watt LED's. Most of the fixtures that use 1 Watt LED's run enough of them that optics really shouldnt be needed